May 6th, 2004


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plainsong_x, from a locked LJ entry, quoted with permission.

THINGS THAT ARE DISCONCERTING NO. 9922: having your doctor show you how to give yourself a breast self-exam, then cheerfully announcing "some people use this as foreplay!"
domino--by chuchan

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The problems of painkillers, according to eljuno, who recently suffered a sprained ankle (from a locked post with permission)

'Right. Finally got the shoe on the sore and swollen foot, I'm ready to...Why am I not wearing pants?'
Rabid Fangirls

Could I BE any more in agreement with her?

You don't really hate Ross and Rachel that much, do you?
Dude, if any of you were in a relationship with a guy like Ross or a girl like Rachel, and you just kept going back, I wouldn't wish and hope and pray and stuff that the two of you hook up forever and ever 'cause it's romaaaaaantic.

I would hit you.


With a two-by-four.

Over and over again in the head until I knocked some fucking sense into your skull.

--The ever-quotable apocalypsos in her Friends Finale FAQ
Didrik window


"Last night I licked the North Pole, and got my tongue stuck. That's like the bazillionth time that's happened. It's embarassing when You are the Creator of the Universe and You go and do something stupid like that, and end up yelling "Heppp! Heppp! My pongue ith thtuck to dah Norf Pole! Heppp!" like a damn fool.

I think I'm going to warm it up a little so that doesn't happen again."

" Some kid asked Me the other day whether I like children or old people better. What an amazing question! The theological implications are staggering. Many would suspect that I have a special place in my heart for children, since they are pretty much helpless and innocent and cute by design. But that would imply that My love diminishes over time, which you and I both know is impossible (except for Pearl Jam! I used to love them, but now I realize they suck monumentally). Others would argue that I love old people more, for it is they who are the keepers of wisdom, and they display the grandfatherly and grandmotherly love for others that most closely mirrors My own love.

So I thought very carefully before answering the kid, and then told him I like children more, because old people were too chewy. "

From god_dot_com
comic, knowing

2 quotes from one post (

jim_smith: ...My hopes and dreams were crushed forever when icewing informed me that Tina Fey is a lesbian.  You wouldn't think this would bother me, since it's not like I had a shot with her when I thought she was straight, but for some reason it infuriates me that she's playing for the other team.  Well, the female population had better take freaking good care of Tina (or, alternately, take care of freaking Tina good), that's all I'm sayin'.
mightygodking: I'm sure her husband would be very interested to learn that.
jim_smith: ...
Oh, son of a bitch.
mightygodking: I'm just SAYING is all. I mean, it's right there on the IMDB biography.
Maybe she is a lesbian, but if so, she's being an amazingly subtle one in this day and age.
jim_smith: No, Icewing is just a lying bastard. I have to plan my revenge now.

And also from jim_smith: "Today's amusing spam: 'Hrony Cum Wohre Getting their hloes filled with hot spunk.'  I would like to congratulate Beowulf on his successful venture into the world of bulk e-mail..."

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MH - I need more coffee for this shit

*sighs* I love my cousin!

She's watching "The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring" and her step brother comes in her room and comments:

vehiclesshockme: Al is a retard
loves_bitch: well..duh
vehiclesshockme: Aragorn goes, "He needs Elvish medicine." Al goes, "Did he say he needs Elvis medicine?"
loves_bitch: LOL
vehiclesshockme: Yes, they need to go find the King. He didn't really die, he just went to Middle Earth
loves_bitch: *snort* That's going in my LJ I hope you know....and maybe even Metaquotes
vehiclesshockme: Cool, I've never been metaquoted
vehiclesshockme: So.... do you think they make those little white jumpsuits in Hobbit sizes then?
vehiclesshockme: Cause I think Elvis would hang with the Hobbits, with the pipeweed and all
loves_bitch: ...............god I hope not
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Freaked, K: DW Nine & Rose

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Troll: Let's bitch at helpless children to make ourselves feel special!

bluepard: ...heeeeey, that's a great idea! I think I'll drown some puppies too. Whee~ <3

catfight: Puppies are nice. But roasted babies taste better.

bluepard: What you do is, you put a kitten inside a puppy inside of a baby, then cook it at a low temperature for half a day. Then it's Thanksgiving!

Tea! Penguin! (doyle on JF), penguin say tea?

My friends have too much time on their hands.

cadetdru: You see! YOU SEE! People now think I'm a complete lesbian, instead of a lesbian who dates boys.

I blame Beccat, Isa, Juls, and Panthea. Alphabetically.

mayatawi: ::does Dance of Blame::


cadetdru: Acceptance, blame, crying, denial, epiphany, fear/frustration, grief/gayness, hate, interest, joy, kindness, love/lust, melancholy, negativity, obsession, pain, queerness, resentment/resignation, sexiness, trust, unrequited, vertigo, weariness, xenophobia, yearning, zealousness.
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