May 5th, 2004

robert - *gasp*

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This begs the question: Once Mary Jane and Peter do the nasty, does she have to eat him afterwards for protein?

And, man, you think your cramps are bad now, wait until you have to push out a human-sized egg sac... It'll just sit there in the corner, pulsating and whatnot, taking up the space you WOULD HAVE used for one of those plush chairs which look like high heel shoes, and an actress can't have a party for all her hip friends because she'd be all, "don't spill wine on my egg sac."

Then it hatches, and it looks like that scene in Army of Darkness with the teenys Ashs, except it's little tiny Mary Janes and they ALL have major bedhead.

Peter's just thought these things through a lot more than MJ has.

--altoidsaddict in a comment to this entry on mock_the_stupid

EDIT: Uh, she's talking about Spiderman, just in case that isn't clear. ^^;;
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xoxosimon responds to my comment in their metaquote entry about the "Mayday for Marriage" kerfluffle.

I wondered if the organizers of the event knew that Mayday is Beltane, a pagan holiday?

xoxosimon said

"A festival for fertility, to be exact—which is celebrated by many with sex. Some people may even celebrate it with—gasp—buttsex.

The irony of this is burning my skin. Get it off."

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I'm new here (I found out about this community from roseneko), so forgive me if I'm not doing this right.

This comes from amipregnant, which from what I understand, has been the topic of conversation in the past.

xxxtina wrote:

a few weeks ago April 24th (a saturday night) i had sex with my boyfriend in my car. first he get inside me without a condom but then put one on when he thought he was ready. he never actuallly came in me cuz people saw us having sex and he kinda freaked out and we stopped. later that night, we went back to his house and we again...went at it. he went inside me without a condom but when he was ready, he went into his bathroom and finished because we didnt have anymore condoms.

the next monday..i started my period. i've also been on birth control for over a year...ortho tri cyclen. i was wondering if i could get pregnant from those times that he went inside me with a condom, but didn't actually finish inside me. also..i THINK and i could be wrong, i have a bad memory..but a few days previously to having sex with him..i was a little late with my pills (just a few hrs late)

In response, tinyme wrote:

1) if you had your period after having sex, you aren't pregnant.
2) he didn't ejaculate inside of you so that reduces the chances.
3) you're on birth control...if you take them just a couple hours later it's not going to drastically change their effectiveness.

don't worry...i'm sure you aren't pregnant.

So, xxxtina, replies by going:

so even though i had my period like...3 or 3 days after we had sex, that means im not pregnant? is there anyway the egg or whatever didnt hatch yet and i might still be pregnant and miss my next period?

I should probably cite this, and what not.

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Oh, wasp. You think that you are building a nest on my balcony. You are so wrong that I cannot even begin to explain your wrongness to you. I will smite you as the wasp god smote the Wasps of the Plain when in their unrighteousness they began to worship graven melted popsicles; and lo, there will come a rain of Raid, and you and your nest will be no more.

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zortified in comments to this entry by kattahj regarding the four apostles:

Your gospels make me think that had they had ljs, they'd have sounded exactly like that. They could have talked about their favorite bands and linked to interesting websites and every week or so Jesus would have posted to his lj and everyone would bug him about when he was gonna post another chapter of his slashfic.

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verlaine, here:

Lacking any deep understanding of wine myself, I used my scorecard to note which of the Wombles each offering reminded me of: some wines are Madame Cholets and some are Great Uncle Bulgarias, don't try and pretend that I'm wrong.

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I see infinite wisdom in this outburst by lots42. Looking past any opinion of Moore's work, or of Disney, it's the underlying choice that appealed to me. It's the two way street that makes me nod a 'yep'.

"Just because Disney is not going to distribute Michael Moore's latest crapfest does not mean the movie is being censored! Disney doesn't have the capabillity or the authority to censor Moore! Moore can write all the garbage he wants. Disney has every right not to touch it with a ten foot pole."
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On the subject of stupid ads:
"Actual sign seen on display of chocolate chip cookies: "Kids love 'em!"
No! Really? Kids love chocolate chip cookies? The heck you say!
You know I hear great things about their relationship with the candy as well. You might want to keep me posted on that." --thebratqueen
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The massive sausage fest that is "Troy"...

From hija_paloma on this post.

Dear Mr. Pitt,

I don't know how to break this to you gently, so I'm just going to come right out and say it.

I've just seen some screencaps from Troy, and Orlando looks manlier than you do.

Allow me to repeat that--Orlando Bloom looks manlier than you do.

This is not an easy feat. He rarely looks manlier than I do. I have seen manlier looking Brownie Scouts.

You need to have a word with your publicist.

Sincerely yours (and by "yours," please know that I mean "Orlando's"),

p.s. Orlando? Call me. So hot. Want to touch the legs. Tease.

The replys are actually almost funnier than this... and the "photographic evidence" posted is... uhm... invigorating.
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