May 4th, 2004

and there is death

"OMG her hed iz pastede OFF!!!111!1!"

"You know, I totally heart conservatives, and I think they are wonderful, but why must they shove their conservativeness in my face? Also, why do they vote for convervatives in elections? And oh! I just realised I don't have "hot conservatives" listed in my interests - must amend that, like, now.


- alpheratz, on the subject of this wank.
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stakebait wrote:

A couple weeks ago I took the subway down to my beloved captainnancy's house. I was feeling lazy and knee-poppy and generally disinclined for stairs, so I took the elevator up to street level in City Hall Park.

I stepped out, blinked in the sun and tried to orient myself, wondered vaguely what the gaggle of miscellaneous people to the left was gaggling for and then dismissed the question as irrelevant to my life, and then saw a nut cart just in front of me.

Ooh, I thought, nut cart. Maybe it has coconut. (Note for non-New Yorkers -- virtually all of the sugar-coated warm nut vendors have signs that offer coconut, but most of them don't actually have any.) There were two people in front of the nut cart. I vaguely waited, reading my book as Mers are wont to do, until they vaguely stepped aside, and then asked the guy if he had coconut.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart, this isn't real," he said.

"Um, 'kay," I said doubtfully, and turned and started walking away.

Well, that was weird. It *looked* real. Cart, check, little wax paper packets of nuts with the corners twirled, check, vaguely sworthy smiling man standing behind it, check. Also, who would make a fake nut cart? And then bother to stand behind it all day? Had I stumbled into an alternate universe? A conspiracy? Was he some kind of ominous, Man Who Was Thursday kind of cryptic warning?

I had gotten about 20 paces down the sidewalk when I noticed the black canvas chairs.

I'd walked into a movie. I mean, *right* into a movie. The random couple of people who stepped to the side? Were presumably the stars. The gaggle of people were goggling at the movieness of it all. And I, oblivious, just wanted some coconut.

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lord of the cd-roms

Quoted with permission from a locked post by elecktrik:

i accidentally put a blank cd-r in my cdrom instead of the burner & IT WON'T GIVE IT BACK.


bitch, don't you even think about mount doom.

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[Biting sarcasm in the face of one idiot's misconceptions about homosexuality:]

Parades! We get parades! Just for us! I know that I'd personally LOVE to have a parade dedicated to me! There'd be Caiden floats & little people dressed in my clothes wearing Caiden heads so big they could fall over any minute prancing in the street! They'd throw candy to the innocent children! All in the name of me! And my gayness! YES PLEASE.

-- varietyshow (here)
how do they rise

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bexless discusses the trials and tribulations of collecting Elijah Wood loot. (On an off note, Wood + loot = woot?)

I have worked out that if I want to complete my 'lijah collection entirely, I'm going to need about another ninety quid, because the only things I don't already have are only available in, you know, limited edition pigskin covers made by blind, mute, orphan nuns with no opposable thumbs, and have to be shipped from Mars on the third Tuesday of every leap year, but only if Sagittarius is in the ascendant, or whatever.

Damn you, you sexy little open-minded man! I have better things to do with my time than make lists and budget obsessively over you!

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tarpo writes:
Watching Attack of the Clones..

MAN does Anakin ever suck in that movie.. its like he ate the soul of a 14 year old girl..

I bet he writes bad fanfic and sappy poetry in a little blue binder that he hides under his bed..

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from logansrogue
-on a total eclipse of the moon:

Oeeeeeeestrooooooogeeeeeeen! *wafts oestrogen*

Oh yeah. I am woman. Hear me howl at the moon like a broom-fucking tree-loving hippy.

(...okay, just read the whole thing, it's all pretty damn good.)

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Psych - BFF 4evah!

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Here are two stereotypes:

  • braless feminist
  • dungareed lesbian

    This means that a feminist lesbian, of whom I imagine there are several, would spend her life horribly chafing her nipples on the edge of her dungaree bib. Think how they suffer! Let's have a moment of silence for sore-nippled feminist lesbians everywhere.

    -- edithmatilda
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    Stetsons are cool

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    spiritof1976, in regards to an Eastenders star's sex scandal over in livejournal_uk*

    And, shockingly, his perverted behaviour is paid for by TV licence payers - as Grantham uses his BBC dressing room phone line for his laptop computer and web camera.

    Disgraceful. The Beeb should subscribe to a flat rate internet provider.

    * That could be phrased better. The whole sex scandal thing is not happening in the actual community, or if it is I've missed out on a lot of amusing entries.
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    joanie, please stop being stupid, ms holloway


    Trust is easy when you know you are likely to be right in trusting a person. However, I think it is more beautiful, and possibly worth more, if invested AGAINST the odds. At this point, it becomes a much stronger statement, saying, "I know that you are likely to betray his trust, but I care about you so much that I will allow you too, and I hope that you care about me so much that you will choose to act differently than you have before or would normally." Now, there are certainly times when the beauty of this trust is overshadowed by the consequences of it (I certainly would not advise someone in an abusive relationship to stay in it for the sake of the beauty of trust, for example), but I think that in our day to day lives we could probably all exercise this "real" trust a little more. I know I plan to.

    -- fallingmonkey
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    Deep in the comments of this insane thread on christianitysex, the utterly moronic 9chambers uses "gay" as an insult. When called on it by foxmagic, he provides a rant, the end of which is:

    9chambers: "You are demeaning racism."
    foxmagic: "...I am 'demeaning racism?'"
    caviling: "You racist-ist."

    The whole thread is that kind of depressing/hilarious that only comes from one true moron who totally believes in a theory that has nothing to do with anything and will fight anyone who tries to correct him.

    (Cross-posted to my personal journal, with link provided (here) by moronicity and LJ Drama.)