May 3rd, 2004

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Why! why! must the guy working in his garden across the street insist on singing the Opera. Dude, you are a needle with legs. A needle with a very annoying set of vocal cords. Stop it. Or your vocal cords will make for a very interesting fashion of headwear.

-- doortje

Weird things happen in song

I know it's bad manners to pimp yourself, but please just slap the big feathered purple hat on my head, because This Thread is just too much fun to keep to myself.

Sample: In a discussion of mangled lyrics and such, medievalist mentions the following alteration made to a classic children's story:

My spouse has for ever tainted the children's book Good Night Moon:

Goodnight Sun Goodnight Moon
Goodnight junkie, heating his spoon.

She has ruined several people's memories.

and slicegirl shares the lyrics she came up with when he mother suggested playing "Sheep may safely graze" at her wedding, where there's a lamb dish at dinner:

Sheep may safely graze until I
eat them and they are quite tasty
Baaa! Baaa! Please don't eat us!
Baaa! We're really cute but (rest)
It is too late you're on my plate!
It is too late you're on my plate!

I adore my friends.
dancing indigo

Wakey, Wakey, Eggs and Bac-ey

"You know... I think more people in this world would understand what's important and what's not if they woke up like I just did. That is to say, springing out of bed with a hand going to a hip holster, screaming, "Touch my airplane and I'll sell your ass for parts on Mars, bitch!" And meaning it, because you're a space pilot."

who had interesting dreams last night it would seem.
What is next?

And I feel vindicated.

I'm currenly doing an English literature PhD. Occasionally, I suffer from doubts that my entire subject is sheer intellectual wankery, and that I should have been A Scientist Doing Useful Stuff For The Good Of Humanity.

Then I remind myself that my dad's a scientist, and that his PhD is on the urinary tract of the flounder. Working women in Weimar Germany versus fish pee - yeah, there's not actually a lot to choose between them!
--biascut in this linguaphiles post.
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I will list the pointless things I just discovered while cleaning out my desk drawer.

- black lipstick
- two unsmoked cigars
- play-doh (I am, in fact, five)
- a small bug (alive) of questionable origin
- forty-three cents
- a slinky

Off to smoke a cigar and play with my slinky.

. . .

Omfg. That sounded so insanely wrong. O_o

-shadowofdoubt posting in queen_kiwi's journal. Literally IN. Long story.
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From officialgaiman:

QUANTUM TV RIVALS PLASMA DISPLAYS said the headline in the New Scientist that I blinked at over my early morning cup of tea this morning. "Great," I thought sleepily. "A television you can either watch, or know where it is, but not both at once."
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From elusis

2) Scene: a bumpersticker on a car. It reads, "If animals could talk, everyone would be a vegetarian." Sweetheart, if animals could talk, everyone would be CLINIALLY DERANGED. You think some people don't know when to shut up? What makes you think animals are going to have any filters?

Imagine your Day with the Talking Animals: You get out of bed to let the dog out. "Hi! Hi hihihihihihi! I've gotta pee! Gotta pee, gotta pee, let me out so I can pee. Hi! Hi! Hi! Oh, the door is opening, the door is opening...." You slam it shut behind the dog, and turn around to see the cat. "Fuck... morning. Mornings... fuck. Fuck. Where's my food? Not that food, the other food. No, that other other food. The good food. I hate this food. I hate you. Fuck." From under the cabinet, you hear the mice and the roaches quietly muttering among themselves: "yumyumyumyumhungryhungryyumyumsexsexyumyum..." Walking to work, the birds are going at it, hundreds of them all at once: "Hello! Are you a bird? I'm a bird! What kind of bird are you? Me too! Who's your friend? A bird? Who'da thunk it! Cos I'm a bird!" Christ, we'd eat the damn things just to shut them the hell up.
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Birth control issues

My first post.

There is a birth control commerical that uses the overplayed until it hurts song, "There She Goes," once made popular by the La's [...] this is a birth control pill commercial, so using a song which states, "There she goes, there she goes again..." what do they mean? There she goes having sex? There she goes being a trollop? There she goes but isn't using a protective barrier? There she goes to fornicate with chickens? This commerical boggles my mind. Somewhere, someone ok-ed this. Someone knows this is a fool-proof way to sell mountains of birth control pills and pushed their idea until it became a sad reality.

Many commercials change the words, this one could too:
"there she goes...there she goes again
playing sexy games
and she just can't retain
the semen that remains"

Voice over: "Because she uses the new highly approved Baby Be Gone wonderdrug for not take if you have stomach pain, headaches, legs, diabetes, a pet dog, three ovaries or any health problems what so ever...or if you want to have kids, sometime in your lifetime..."

from theunicursalhex
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Lilo And Stich

Over in a recent rollick post, many people discuss Disney movies.

jeff_morris reminisces: "And for the record, I thought "Lilo and Stitch" was incredible fun...and was stunned that "Wholesome Is Our Middle Name" Disney ever let it out. Not a single unflawed character in the bunch, and it was such a hoot, especially the last twenty minutes.

And then there was my wife's expression when, as we were leaving the theatre, I said in my best Stitch voice: "Ohana...means family. Family means...we eat the weak."