May 2nd, 2004

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Dear Brain,

Slashy background commentary is not necessary while reading Master & Commander. Oh wait, yes it is. Nevermind.


We went to Miniature World (where I haven't been since I was two), and the Wax Museum, where the eerily accurate Bush mannequin was staring at me. Seriously. We were like a foot away. I thought he was going to spring forth and devour my soul, or something. *shudder*

-- chandri

I'm am the not so unwilling victem of a very bad -- yet also very good -- thing...the rum keg. The rum keg at Trader Vic's is a deadly weapon in the hands of a fox, as I have now discovered. As the name would imply it is ineed made up quite a lot of differing kinds of rum with pineapple. And one rum keg is supposed to serve four. FOOLS!

-- farix_arkwright
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First post here etc etc...

"Frodo Baggins - well, I can't think of anyone woobie enough to give Frodo a run for his money in the Destined for a Really Sucky Time of It area, except maybe Jesus."

bexless, pondering the idea for WoobieDome - 'Many woobies enter. One woobie leaves.'
Sanzo-style satori

Evil Overlord, meet prophecy

"But what does that mean?" asks Conquer.
[Mud Buddha:] "It means, Wind and Cloud can make you and break you."
"But what does that mean??"
"It means that your run of good fortune is coming to an end."
"But what does that meaaaan??"
*sighs* "It's fate, my lord."
"Do you mean, Whispering Wind and Striding Cloud, my disciples?"

It's not hard to see who Charity [Conquer's daughter] inherited her st00pid gene from.

serabut, from the third part of her Storm Riders recap.
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Support John Kerry for President. Buy him breakfast.

lately, like many of you, i've been intently following this year's presidential race. i think so much of us realize how important this year's election truly is.

as we all know, john kerry has gone on to secure himself a spot on the ballot in November. now, the challenge at hand is to get george w. bush out of office and send him back to crawford.

in order to accomplish this, kerry will need absolutely every single vote he can get. john kerry's going to need a lot of money as well. for starters, he's going to need $12.98 for a healthy start on his morning, courtesy of a stack of flapjacks. he might need five bucks later for a hat or something.
asterisk8, in a post that only gets funnier from there.
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A reply to a reply in this entry about homosexual marriage:

From Philistipations 17:1-6 "And yea, I say unto you that the old law is no more, mostly. There will be ones that come after me that hold the laws, but those will be false. Take ye for example Leviticus, which I here proclaim to be utter bullshit. Eat ye the King Crab legs, though they be spendy. Stone not your neighbors, even though they go to the park on the Sabbath and let their horrible children run about like crazy, drunk Indians. In general, all that really inconvenient stuff is not the law any longer, so just ignore it. But queers, ewwwww, that's just gross."

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I went around labelling everything this morning. Useful labels, like "Wall. This keeps the cold out" and "Flowers. These look pretty" and "Elephant. This lives on top of the television. Also, is invisible". My brother then went around and changed them all. They all say very silly things now. The light says "eat me" and the floor says "Red alert. A very boring game". Unimpressed, Brother, unimpressed.
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singular love affair

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From a locked post, quoted from fabricatedvoice with permission, yo.

My roommates and I have a room still open in our apartment, and people are contacting us about it. It's sort of like we're auditioning people to be our roommate.

"And what do you feel would be your biggest asset to our little team?"

"I'm really good at killing bugs."

"Welcome to the family."
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