May 1st, 2004

One woman, two journals, endless amusement:

Dad goes upstairs to get something. I turn off the radio and put on a Joni Mitchell CD. Twenty minutes later:
Dad: ...they've played, like, ten Joni Mitchell songs in a row.
Me: Yeah, no, I put on a CD.
Dad: Oh thank god. I thought she'd died.

And also setissma as ms_h_granger on an HP roleplay:
I do not actually need luck in love. I could settle for luck in sex. Or, you know, luck in grocery shopping. At this point in my life, I would totally be happy with a really great sale on produce.
Wow. I am beyond pathetic. Clearly, I need to get laid. Time pull out my... Man, my little black book has everyone's tea preferences.
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From a locked post, quoted with permission.

Wish people would stop asking me if I'm pregnant. One CAN (and does) crave almond-stuffed olives and a chocolate smoothie simultaneously and not be pregnant.

Case in point.

I have not had sex, therefore I cannot be pregnant.

Having written that, I now crave sex.


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