April 30th, 2004

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Herakles vs. Theseus: Ultimate Demi-God Smackdown!

I seem to remember being told, once, that Herakles and Theseus were used for a sort of myth-propaganda, with Theseus the patron of Attica/Athens and Herakles the patron of... wherever he was from. So the Athenians would be all "o, Herakles was so great, huh? well, he dumped that bloody Cretan bull over here in Attica - didn't kill it, did he? Probably couldn't. But Theseus got rid of it like *that*--" and then the other Greeks were all "yeah? yeah, well Theseus was a moron and tried to steal Persephone from the underworld and got stuck down there. And Herakles saved your stupid hero from Hades". And Homer was all "...Herakles was dead! Odysseus saw him in the underworld!" and Sphocles was all "...yeah, but then he came back to life and was made a god! and made Philoctetes go to Troy! Which was before Odysseus even got into the underworld, so ner ner ner ner ner you're wrong I'm right." Except with, you know, a good thousand years between 'em.

-- the always-brilliant metempsychosis, here.
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first post...

catvalente has conquered the bread dough:

"I dumped it all in a bowl and mixed it my own damn self. I normally eschew any cooking that requires me to make a dough-ball, as this is just far too much time and mess for me to commit to. But I mixed and mashed with my Heroic Muscles of Doom, crushing that measly gloop into proto-bread. After all, it dared defy me. I scooped it all up, plopped that whoreson onto the cutting board, and kneaded like a mofo. I pounded that hellspawned yeastbag within an inch of its life. I murdered it. I made it my slobbering bitch."

See the whole post for more brilliance.
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"Wellp, it's ready to go. This fella might just start a new fad- slow motion archery!"

Needless to say, the bow wasn't *quite* as much of a find as I'd hoped. I have it strung and with a handful of arrows, so at least it'll work to entertain me for a while. Unfortunately, 22lb draw weight is almost (but not quite) enough to annoy a sparrow at 10 feet (even if it didn't have time to see the arrow leave the bow, smoke a cigarette, play a game of solitaire, and then casually meander a step or two to one side), so I don't think I'll be taking it to the archery range anytime soon.

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schiarire strikes again:
I wish McKay had written more than a paragraph about the Weimar Republic. My understanding of it is so vague that soothsayers themselves are impressed. "Holy roast cow on a spit," say the soothsayers, "this could maybe perchance mayhap possibly be... something! Provided conditions are favorable."
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If someone said to you, "Hey, I was watching this movie where Emilio Estevez is a racecar driver, and Mick Jagger is the helmet-wearing, tank-driving bounty hunter from the future who kidnaps him seconds before his death so that his body can be used to perpetuate the life of a dead billionaire," and you say "whoa!" then Freejack is the film for you. Surprise whodunnit is completely ruined by the fact that Anthony Hopkins is in the film.

-- kiarda

[Cube is] Canadian existentialism at its best. Or worst. Or...it's Canadian existentialism. What more do you want? Featuring some particularly inventive and gory deaths. I currently do not travel from room to room in my apartment without throwing one of my shoes in first.

-- kiarda
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zortified referencing this post in keelywolfe's Journal on describing characters by eye colour:

Now this just makes me want to write slash about the blue-eyed man and the green-eyed man. And the brown-eyed man who swore his eyes were really hazel. And the blue-eyed brown-haired man, who is not the "blue-eyed man."

and I would read it, it sounds like found poetry to me....