April 28th, 2004


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I've also gotten some incredibly exciting news about two very cool additions (being done by other people) for Just A Geek, but I won't blog about them until --

Wait. Did I just say "blog about them?" Did I just use the word "blog" as a verb?

Fuck. I did. Okay, so I am now officially a total hosebag.

- wilwheaton/wilwheaton
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snow white & cinderella
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Metaquotes posting virgin

Here's hoping I did this right!

Impersonality of malls, hotels and restaurant chains, according to edda in this post right here.

this mall is surrounded by a vast shopping complex consisting of strips of various stores heaved together in random configurations plus several major stores (Wal-Mart, Target, PetSmart, Staples, Best Buy, et al) plus every chain steakhouse/tavern/pub/faux-Tiffany-lamp-plus-random-crap-hung-on-the-walls-and-serving-potato-skins restaurant God ever let man invent (Logan's Roadhouse, Texas Steakhouse, Shakers, O'Charley's, TGIFridays, Ruby Tuesday's, Olive Garden et al). The nine circles of hell are arranged thusly, I'm fairly sure, but the parking's even worse and it's always the day after Thanksgiving.


Well, hellOO, Mister Massaging Shower Head, are you detachable, you bad boy, you?
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Our New Family Rule

Talking about playing video games, and people walking between the gamer and the TV, in the comments to his post on Xhad's LiveJournal.

vadius: I remember that you guys have some weird rule about saying "Mr. Anderson!" before jumping through someone's line of vision. I don't see what the Matrix has to do with Donkey Kong Country though...

xhad: That's all Gerard's fault. One day he walked in front of someone without saying anything, and everyone yelled "Say something!" (we were expecting something like "I'm going to walk in front of the TV now"). The next time he started to do it, he said in his best Agent Smith voice, "Mr. Anderson!" Then walked in front of the TV.

Him: "What? I said something, didn't I?"
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Plead the FIF!

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city_of_dis is a smart man.

My favorite part:
No one is genuinely impressed when you stroll down Park Avenue on a sunny day, pushing a stroller with your goat-larva-thing that you’ve dressed in a $600 set of “jammies.” Anyone who approaches and coos is lying to your face when they tell you that the immobile shaved ape spawn that sprung from your leaky loins is “so precious.” This twisted, 50’s-style flaunting of offspring needs to stop, people. “Look what I squeezed through my pussy” is not really the best way to start a conversation.

Read the whole thing.
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...Frankly, I've had enough homophobic bullshit shoved down my throat this week. I quit caring right about the time I was told that I was a godless sinner and I was going to hell.

I've known that for a long time. I'm just jockeying for position now.


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snowking: The BBC also tells me that "Mobiles phones are not usually seen in the West as a way of keeping in touch with God". Well, no shit. No-one wants to see "thou shlt hv no other God b4 me!" on their phone. If God wants to talk to me, He can use the traditional burning bush method. If he needs it on the move, I'll break off a stick. 0G mobile telecommunications, y'all! My latest model burning stick comes complete with an extra big flame so He can send Multimedia Messianic Messages. Honest.

dancing indigo


"More insight on why Elijah Wood is actually pretty ugly.
He either is grinning like a dork,
or he looks like he's smelling something just a bit off.

Add in the fact that in either circumstance he looks like a were-chihuahua, and we're looking at a burden of hideousness that even Ernest Borgnine would have pitied.

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Hakkai, I <3 reversibles, being polite

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Anyway... Conquer is now sending his disciples out for various errands. Wind and Frost is to find Mud Buddha because Conquer is stoopid and still couldn't crack the magic puzzle box code. To do this, they must find the Fire Monkey. If this is starting to stink of RPG games, welcome to the world of wuxia comics, of which this movie is adapted from. This still doesn't explain the screencap, does it. :D

For Cloud - to take the Unchallenged Sword, from the Unchallenged Clan in Unchallenged City. Which by the way, boast the best Unchallenged Kuey Teow and Unchallenged Soda, and the tallest Unchallenged Tower in the (Unchallenged) world. Cloud says, sure, I'll take the sword. Conquer tsked, and said, take the sword AND kill the (Unchallenged) guy. Man, this hobby kills so many people.
serabut, from the second part of her Storm Riders recap. Now with more screencaps than ever! :D
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sunday in the sunset leaves

the poor dear...

katmaxwell stayed home from school today.
I feel like a lobotomized beaver/chicken/squirrel/thingy. Yes, that may only make sense to me. Eh.

And dear gravy. I'm trying to do


Because we all know it's a good idea to give teenagers without brains Notepad and a free space on the internet to wreak havoc. (
Havoc, I say!)
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Geeky pen scariness

from sbisson here

While buying comics at FP today I signed my credit card chit using the proffered pen. It was a "floating action" pen, an updated version of those 50s and 60s advertising and souvenir tat pens where the rear is liquid filled, and a picture slides over a backdrop as you tilt the pen.

This was a Stingray pen. And it was a very strange pen, one that I found strangely obscene, in a way that only a geek would notice...

Am I alone* in thinking that there is something pornographic in Marina sliding into Troy Tempest's ear?

* along with the chaps on the till in FP who were amused by my discovery