April 26th, 2004

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I made a friends-locked post discussing a certain type of frustration (nudge nudge, wink wink). As one might guess, some fun discussions have come up in the comments. My favorite has to be this, from eiluned:

Yeah, celibacy? For the birds. Not even the fun birds, either. It's for those horrible grackle birds that eat berries in the spring and poop purple stuff on your car.

Okay, well, I thought it was funny. But I also am not actually sleeping this week, thanks to grad school finals. So who really knows?

well, that just explains everything

whimsical_clod made a post here about The Shrub's reaction to the March for Women's Lives yesterday.

withrdthirdeye: what a fucking jerk.

this really bothers me. i don't understand why they wanna stop people from having sex. why is it so fucking wrong to have sex?

down with bush.

whimsical_clod: If the religious right and their puppets can't get laid, why should anyone else enjoy it?!?!!? Have you seen these people?!?!!??!
Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]


From justaminuet in this post at ygo_badfic

Barring that, spell and grammar checks are your friends. Your very good friends. Practically your best friends. Do not ignore them. They're here to help you. Take their help! I never again want to see the word "millenium" in a fic. And I certainly no longer want to see whoever this "Seto Kiaba" person is. [ . . . ] Fangirl Japanese is not cute, nor does it make your fic more genuine. It makes you look like an idiot. [. . .] Guess what? There are only seven Millennium Items. And that's quite enough, thank you. Your Millennium Staff is not impressive, and just makes me believe that you're trying to compensate for something.

Her whole post is funny, but I just pulled out a few peices from it XD ^^;;
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Doom and Suzi, Outta my hay!, you Hitler!, wtf

I'm tacky enough to quote myself, but I didn't start this...

From a friends-only post of mandareevz's...

mandareevz: And of course, the first person to call... dials the support line when she really wanted the prospects (new authors who haven't yet paid us money) line, is absolutely unintelligible, and randomly starts insulting me in her Crazy Old Woman language when I don't ask her for money. So, rather than get yelled at in Crazy Old Woman language, I forward her to Prospects and pray for someone else to take her call.

Um, except that no one else is in the Center yet, so it comes back to me in thirty seconds, and I hear (again), "Mumble mumble, fifty mumble COPYRIGHTED POEMS mumble mumble till April mumble INSTALLMENT PLAN HELLO?"
Me: "So, uh, how about one of those publication guides, huh?"
Her: "Well, I mumble mumble April mumble money INSTALLMENT PLAN!" *click*
Me: "Uh. Hello?"

glomobius: Ouch! mumble mumble CORNFLAKES mumble mumble Thirsty dagnabit mumble JUMAJI!!
mumble mumble meant JUMANJI!!

mandareevz: Mumble mumble sleepy mumble Michael Crighton mumble mumble mumble driving mumble eatery. Mumble?

cantstopthedawn: Mumble mumble Hitler's birthday mumble mumble mumble smelly pee mumble mumble mumble DOOMINOUS DOOMY DOOM! Mumble mumble dancing cats.

mandareevz: Mumble cats mumble mumble bloody hell mumble DEMAND A REFUND mumble mumble. Mumble Leonard Nimoy?

(mumble mumble mumble tomato juice mumble mumble three for one mumble landmine)

cantstopthedawn: Mumble mumble tomatoes mumble mumble mumble Noam Chomsky mumble MUMBLE mumble incestuous pineapples! Ann Coulter mumble mumble regulation number of tails mumble mumble mumble mumble!

mandareevz: Mumble mumble designer mumble mumble eighty pages mumble mumble digital format mumble FREE? Mumble mumble pumpkin... HELLO?
(She called back, by the way. Even loonier than before. I've talked to her like, four times now.)

cantstopthedawn: Mumble mumble CUDDLES mumble SAVE YOUR SOUL mumble mumble mumble triplicate mumble mumble mumble conversion from lire mumble mumble doves like you mumble MUMBLE mumble!!

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Identity crisis

"Yesterday Allison and I were talking about having sharks for pets. I told her that I would like to own an army of sharks because then I wouldn't just be 'that girl' but rather 'that girl with the army of sharks.'"

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