April 25th, 2004

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Spiders do like slash

Damnit, I really wish I weren't so afraid of spiders. Just as I was printing out some fanfiction, I noticed a big, fat-arsed spider sitting in the paper tray. Now I've got a pile of porn stacking up in the tray and I'm too fucking petrified to pick it up for fear the bugger is clinging to the backside of some hot smut. What the hell am I going to do? Wait until morning, say, "Mommy Mommy, the spider tried to eat my homoerotic literature?"

-- gnosis_soul from this post.
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It's good advice

Mostly, dude. Take the time to build the world around it. 'Cause so often, I'm reading a fic and I get to the sex and then boom! All of a sudden the world has shrunk down to genitalia and really, that's just sad. No sex in a vacuum!

...No sex with a vacuum!
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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

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From the journal of: alexi_serenitia.

Ha, stupid porn IMs!
ShAyBaBy413y: omg katlat! Meet Stacy! She'll do ANYTHING to please her guests! hop in and check her out! 0p9

But, but, but! WHAT ABOUT STACY'S MOM?!
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A stick of paper on fire

"You put a paper stick in your mouth to light on fire - which is a good indication that it's not healthy. Smoke'em if you got'em, but don't whine about not knowing the risks. It's a stick of fire in your mouth! An indication that something is not right is if it's on fire."

--mice on that meme going around where people give their opinions on hot/controversial topics.

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From nick_kaufmann about the report that Rick Berman is pitching a new Star Trek movie:

If you want to save Trek, here's what you do: Make a movie about Kirk, Spock, Uhura and all the remaining original series cast members fighting each other with samurai swords while holed up in a shopping mall under attack by zombies and with jump cuts to Jesus being crucified in slow motion. Then use your iMac to add images of giant robots shooting eye-lasers at zeppelins. It's gold, I tell you! GOLD!

You heard it here first: Star Trek XII: Dawn of the Passion of the Sky Captain, Vol. 2
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