April 20th, 2004


(just a quick snip of a long and hilarious post)

In the spirit of The Reduced Shakespear, cephiedvariable condenses Les Miserables:

Bishop: "Bask in my Godly glow."
Valjean: "We'll see how Godly you are when I murder you in your sleep."
Bishop: "... what if I murder YOU in YOUR sleep."
Valjean: "... are you coming on to me?"
*Valjean steals stuff*
Police: "Hey! You! Did you STEAL this stuff."
Valjean: "Ummm..."
Bishop: "He did not steal this silver, it was a gift from my heart to this poor soul."
Valjean: "... you ARE coming on to me...

the rest is here.
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Well, everyone has made a top 20, 30, 75 or 101 things to do with their next 10 years, so I decided to make one of my own.

The Top 99 Things I Should Do Before I Die

1.) Motivate myself to work on this list.

Looks like I'll have to work on 1.) before I can do anything else.

-- dreamwarden

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An old issue of Food and Wine magazine tries to convince me that I should spend $10 on special sea salt for my oven-roasted potatoes! And sick fuck that I am, I'm totally believing them. WHY AM I NOT EATING TEN DOLLAR SEA SALT? Why have I never eaten a meal that cost more than $14? (And I had a coupon for ten bucks off that one!) Why does this magazine make me want to hump kitchen appliances, probably while the ten dollar sea salt watches and jerks off?


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Horrible good cheer and delicious meat wine stuffed into the 115-lb body of a giddy gastronome. Fun-loving gadabout, quasi-philosopher, and many other things that have hyphens. Music is my religion and alcohol my fuel. Bawdy, depraved, hypocritical, profligate, rakish and reckless; a self-gratifying sybarite. I also love butterflies. They're beautiful.

-from kid_sportswear