April 18th, 2004

agent may is unimpressed

On buying stuff and having it shipped to Australia

Thirty dollars! It doesn't cost the comics companies I've occasionally ordered stuff from half that much to send things down here. Do [the Minimates] arrive carefully packed in goose down and gold leaf? Are they brought by specially trained carrier pigeons? Delivered personally by Stan Lee?

See the original post here, where you can also see wee little X-Men figures. Minimates rock.
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"Guess what, lady on the bus with three shrieking children and the giant balloon THING? I took a shower today. I saw you sniffing pointedly at me, and granted I ran a block and a half in a leather coat about ten hours before hand, so I'm probably a bit ripe, but so fucking what? You clearly haven't had a shower in days - and neither have your children. In fact, it looks like no one in your crack den has done laundry, either."

-- channonyarrow, here.
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from a discussion on whether elfbabe's boyfriend could claim dutch citizenship:

Other person: "BTW, ask him whether he likes mayonnaise with his fries. If not, I get a little dubious about his claims of Dutch birth."

Me: "He's Dutch-Quebecois-Algonquin! He likes his fries with mayonnaise, cheese, and gravy made from traditionally-hunted seals!"
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You know you spend too much time online when...
I went grocery shopping with my mum today, and as I finished my shopping and went up to the check out, I called out to her: "I'm logging off now."
- iibnf from a locked post and quoted with permission.
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The perfect response

The perfect response to an idiot's remark in customers_suck about the difference between domestic terrorism and Muslim terrorism.

what? domestic terrorism is not about killing people just to get them to your stifling point of view?
no, wait, you're right. it's about killing people for the hell of it. because that is just so much better.
and if you kill the people, they can't adopt your point of view; they'll be dead.

Thread here.

When idiots like mrmateo misinterpret my posts, it makes me weep for the future.
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gaiamyles and her family are watching the TV movie Spartacus...

Me: Well, the main character is played by that guy from E.R..
Dad: Which doctor?
Me: The good-looking one.
Dad: But what's the doctor's name? I don't know who the "good-looking one" is.
Me: Um...
Mother: Oh, look! It's the good-looking one from NYPD Blue!