April 17th, 2004

flaming, angry

April Fool, and the follow-up...

tyrantmouth has this classmate. She tells it so much better than I could, though...
See, there's this chick in my chemistry class. One of those that feels the need to constantly show off how smart she is. In fact, she's so smart, she's declared her lab partner unworthy, and is apparently not working with her anymore. But, is she running the experiments by herself? Ohhh, no.

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Fuck with me in the lab, will you? I don't think so...

tyrantmouth should be an inspiration to us all.
Ronicus Explodicus
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Such is the life of a custodian...

blazefire works as as custodian. I wish the custodians at my school had this kind of mean sense of humor. :(

ME: Please don't sit on those tables.
Them: *mumblelaughmublelaughignore*
ME: C'mon guys, you know how old those tables are. Go grab a chair.
Them: *mumblelaugh* Oh, don't worry about it.
ME: I'm seriou-*CRACK BAM!*
Them: *much looking at eachother to see if everybody is ok, then looking back at me, like naughty school children*
ME: *points to about 200 chairs all stacked in the corner* See those things? They're called chairs. If you put them on the floor and park your butt in them, they hold you up! Isn't that amazing children? Now one of you go get me the broom, because I'm sure as heck not cleaning this crap up on my own.
ME: I need you guys to finish up playing in the Gym by about 9:30, because I've gotta set it up for tommorow.
Them: Ok. *run off*
*wait an hour*
ME: Uh, guys, it's almost 9:30... almost done?
Them: Yeah, just a few more minutes. *continue to play volleyball*
*wait half an hour*
ME: I need to set up the gym. Please finish your game.
Them: 5 minutes! We just want to break this tie.
ME: Ok then. *waits 15. They still play. Carries out the first table that has to be set up in the gym and plops it down right in the middle of their game.*
Them: What are you doing? We're playing a game here!
ME: Oh, I know. Don't worry. These tables will only be here about 5 minutes.

Too funny not to quote..

...even if it does show how freakish janesy and I are in this post ...

On the subject of our true feelings for Kate Bosworth:

And now...behind the scenes of "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" starring Dr. Jane C. Nolan, Dr. Crevette P. Beaverhousen, and the Stalwart Jim, animal-wrangler.

DR J: Now, Jim, what I want you to do first is poke the tiger with this stick, right there, right in the ribs, see?

JIM: But...that's going to make Makasa-Mofu very angry.

DR C: Yes, yes, we know! We know it'll make him angry! And you did as we instructed, you haven't fed him since last week, right, Jim?

JIM: Um...yes, I--I haven't fed Makasa, but I really don't think starving an African tiger for a week and then poking him repeatedly with a stick is going to make him very good company for when Miss Bosworth comes to visit the set.

DR J: Don't worry about it, Jim! Unless you want to be getting poked by businessmen in the red light district in Bankok this time next week, you'll do as we say, got it??

JIM: I...I guess so, Miss Nolan.

JCN: That's DOCTOR. Nolan to you--I have a doctorate in advanced animalologicalology studies.
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And treeskin said...

And on the evening of the seventh day,

She saw that She had lye, and goat's milk, and vegetable oils, and She said: "Let there be soap." And there was soap, and it traced quickly and went smoothly into the mold, and She saw that it was good, and said: "This is my soap. I am well pleased."

It seemed to fit the recent Biblical theme so well that I couldn't resist.
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(no subject)

This is somewhat of a double-act quote; part props go to thessalian.

(In a Goth store in Brighton, looking at the music section.)

Thess: 'Apocalyptic Folk'? What the hell is that?

Me (singing): "We're all gonna die, m'lord, kumbaya..."

Thess (smacks me, repeatedly)
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(no subject)

thessalian, on the movie Shaun of the Dead:

I've heard this described as ZomRomCom. I have already made the statement that I don't really do RomCom. Should an exception really be made if the undead are shuffling through it? Hell, am I going to notice the difference when most actors in RomComs shuffle through their parts like zombies anyway?

Pretty Woman: "Prostitution and braaaaains."
Sliding Doors: "Temporal flux and braaaaaains."
Say Anything: "Suffering from a lack of braaaaains."

And let's not get started on "Four Weddings and a Funeral". Though, since my second-favourite character died, I think the film would have been much improved if Simon Callow had popped out of his coffin and started lurching through the fourth wedding mumbling "braaaaains ... weird waistcoats and braaaaaains..."
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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

(no subject)

asuras in This post regarding the whole YGO cast being on drugs. The whole things quite amuzing if you're a fan.

urk? Free to use? Anytime? Anywhere?
Free drugs? I mean, VOTE BUSH 2004! Er...Dole for Fruit!
^The above are merely my sarcastic remarks which is part of my satanic Harry Potter worshipping beliefs passed onto my from my previous Author-sama.

[Disclaimer: I hate all of the above]
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Adventures in anti-socialism as related by timthetikigod

The rampant anti-socialism in my house has hit an all-time high. For dinner me and my sister were supposed to order a pizza. So first, we spent ten minutes arguing about who was actaully going to call the pizza place. Then once that had been kind of settled, we realized that we had absolutely no clue where we were ordering from. So we started looking at the Papa John's and Pizza Hut websites, to figure out which would be cheaper. We saw a button saying "Order online" on the Papa John's site and it was settled. We spent 20 minutes filling out online forms instead of making a five minute phone-call, because people are just THAT fucking scary.

Then we argued over what to watch:
Sister: "Lord of the Rings" maybe?
Me: Entirely too epic for pizza. ..."Clerks: The Animated Series"?
Sister: Not epic enough.
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