April 16th, 2004


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About Dominic Monaghan in 'Lost' from here



the pilot of this show will truly be the greatest moment in televsion history. right above the moon landing and the beatles on ed sullivan.
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It makes me wonder....

cheesemon is living in japan for a while, and has seen some rather.. interesting things :: grins ::

Seems that as students grow older, their pencil cases begin losing innocence as well. At least, the ones I've seen this year in Grade 2 and Grade 3 classes sure are, um, interesting. Gone are the cute, colorful anime characters, replaced by Playboy bunnies, English swear words, and the increasingly-popular marijuana symbol. Even the son of the local doctor has one of these hemp-imprinted cases now. oO

After today, I wonder how many of them actually know what some of these things mean and if they're just using them because of the Western look.

*looks down at student's pencil case, which has George Bush with a Nazi hat and another picture of him standing with Hitler, along with the caption: Shit's still the same.*
Me: Hmmm . . . So, you don't like George Bush?
Student: No, I like Bush very much!
Me: Huh? You do like him?
Student: Yes!
Me: Wait, do you know what this is? It's a Nazi symbol.
Student: It's Bush!
Me: Um, and this is Hitler.
Student: Hito -- laa? . . . . . . . OK!!
*walks away, scratching head*

-from cheesemon
Julia Fractal Blue Ezishi


As heard on ecleptic's journal

But it's the engine who stood up the fellow hookers in the brothel that is my car- she whines and creaks and sends back her hell spawn with news that she needs a new belt. See- I told you the fucking thing was female. No gigolo this car- only a lady would scream with such anguish and show off her cracked and faded older belts in an attempt to bargain another bauble out of her master. We consult with the master of all that is cars- does the lady REALLY need a new belt? Can we offer her a lovely bracelet instead? Perhaps a few emeralds... a shiny bit of gold? Yes defers my father... if you don't give her the new belt- she will die.
freaking friends by leopard lady

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squiddeh and her roommate discuss their slow recovery of last night's drunken debauchery:

"Me: this sucks dude. next time we are out during the week ONE of us has to be responsible! LOL
Roommate: Maybe we can just take turns being responsible or maybe we can have a drinking sherpa, who guides us....OW, my head hurts. We suck. You know what though, I had fun! We haven't had a night like that, just the two of us for a while...and while that's a really good thing based on how I'm feeling, it was a good time.
Me:: christ dude, i feel like i have a tumor! i'm looking at things on my desk and i'm like, i should know what to do with these things."
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duck egg blue, SQUEAK!

*de-lurks, bows, does a little dance*

This is from raven_maid's journal here, the comments are also highly amusing.

I don't care how influential he was, I don't care how masterful his use of language is, I don't care if he created the world and then blew up pigs for giggles.* Frantically reading Spenser's The Faerie Queene so that I can write a paper due on Thursday is not my idea of a good time.

*He didn't really create the world and blow up pigs. Just to make that clear. The Faerie Queene would be far more entertaining if he had, though. Alas.

Maybe I should write my own version.

Onse vpon a time there was a poete who coude nott spell. He maid storyes of a mayd called Britomart; she did not vnderstande or acsepte her femayle forme, and tryed to mvrder her hvsband-to-be. She marryed him ande uanished. Then the poete blewe up piges. Thee Ende.
agent may is unimpressed

Spring = Animal Sex

From neosquirrel

I wish I had my camera with me yesterday... I stopped by the folks house for a laundry detail (free laundry is so nice), and these two little namesakes of mine [Editor's Note: Yes, that would be two squirrels] were chasing each other around the yard, under the cars, up and down the trees...

Ah, springtime love. The buggers were so cute blazing around in circles. (Yeah, I said cute, make something of it whydontcha?)

Either that or the one being chased didn't pay back the nut he borrowed on time to the other.
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Quoted with permission and grammar-nazi-d because I'm a freak,

torificus, on me restraining from spraying Diet Coke all over my monitor:


You're so selfish. Why didn't you share your coke with your poor poor deprived computer, who probably only survives boredom by looking at porn on the internet while you're at school all day?

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