April 8th, 2004

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I posted this on my journal and was talking to a friend on the phone while this thought came into my head. We were watching that show on MTV called I Want To Look Like A Celebrity..at least that's what I think it's named. Anyways, this girl wanted to look like Pam Anderson/Lee so that she could become a centerfold for Playboy. So she paid to get breast implants, lipo in her chin region and lip implants. That's where this random comment came to my mind.

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From weredonut:

So I was reading a trashy magazine today where they had an article about internet addiction. They were describing one woman who spends like 7 hours a day on the 'net! All I could think was "amateur!" ;)
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I embrace my grammar-cop side.

I respect others' expertise, and I wish they'd respect mine. Having people re-edit my work to re-introduce grammatical inconsistencies (that I carefully removed and reworked) and re-insert corporate jargon with a semantic content approaching absolute zero (ditto) makes me want force-feed them a copy of Strunk and White's The Elements of Style, one page at a time, through the nasal passages.

From theaceofspades, in this jewel-like entry.
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kestrel127: Though... I did have a dream where I was the Virgin Mary and impregnated with the word of god... when I still wasn't Christian... but that was 3 years ago...

Anonymous: I really enjoyed that date, Christina. Let's do it again sometime, shall we?

-The Word of God

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PS- Is it considered bad etiquette to meta-quote one's self? I know it could be considered many things, but in this case, I needed to quote me to have the response make sense.