April 7th, 2004


A comment by kibarika in response to my comment to her comment in this post, originally about Ashcroft's war on pornography.

Me: "I might actually be anti-feminist in that I think that relationships should be more equal - i.e., the guy shouldn't always have to treat."

kibarika: Actually I think that makes you a sort of feminist. If you ever decide to get into feminism, ifeminism is more that - about equal rights, relationships, etc - rather than special rights for women. Also it makes me think of a bunch of pastel-colored women being sold by Apple, and that's just funny.
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[LoM] you need something Gladys?

The IDA is always watching you.

...I was in Odegaard Library on the UW campus. When I left to catch the bus, there was a duck standing (resting?) outside the front door, staring at me. A couple of kids nearby muttered, "That duck's just been sitting there forever!" Except, after I walked by, it watched me leave, and then walked off. Right afterwards.

So not only do I have the ducks in Edmonds quacking at me in unison, but the Intercounty Duck Alliance has sent agents to follow my movements.

-from the journal of cow

For the record:

If you're in a video store, and you happen across The Bushido Blade, and you think that a samurai adventure with Toshiro Mifune and James Earl Jones has to be good...

...you're so very, very wrong. A tragic waste of potential. The acting was out of grade school play, or a particularly pretentious roleplaying session. You could see the actors pause to think what their character should say next. Except Mifune, of course, but he seemed to be dubbed by Mojo Jojo.

-from the journal of gfish

First post, hope it amuses.
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how do they rise

WAHAHAH. (For HP fans--spoilers behind link)

From ladyjaida.

To: i_like_socks@yahoo.co.uk (Albus Dumbledore)
From: mrs_mom@yahoo.co.uk (Molly Weasley)
Re: !!!!!!! >( >(

Headmaster Dumbledore --

Arthur has just hooked up this Muggle computermajig to the internettle. Am very concerned over rumors about my children going at it like wild Kneazles. Something must be done!!!11!

Molly Weasley

To: mrs_mom@yahoo.co.uk (Molly Weasley)
From: i_like_socks@yahoo.co.uk (Albus Dumbledore)
Re: Re: !!!!!!! >( >(

Mrs. Weasley --

I will investigate this matter immediately, once I am done with my socks.


Seriously, the entire entry is comedy GOLD.
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(no subject)

In customers_suck, sclerotic_rings weighs in on the sort of person I was trapped with on light rail last night.

BLOW YOUR FUCKING NOSE. I realize that sniffing and snurfing qualifies as foreplay among your family (when they aren't measuring the space between their sixth and seventh fingers or cleaning their gill slits), but it makes any humans that hear it want to vomit across time zones.

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girlinthetrilby goes where non of us would dare:

So, I've been watching my DVD of Episode II: Attack of the Clones is a stupid name.

And really, the only thing I've gotten out of it is when Obi-Ewan goes to the diner to see Dex, the robotwaitress asks him if he wants a cup of Jawa Juice. Check the subtitles.

This basically leads to the only logical question.

How you do milk a jawa?

And do they squeak when you do it?

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Plead the FIF!

(no subject)

You see, Pink is still funnier. It's funnier because it's much, much stupider. Even in the state I'm in I could've pieced this together for them, and I would've done it for free, just so humanity could still pretend it had some street cred. Look, I'm the one outsmarting you here, and I just tried to drink out of a roll of toilet paper and tripped on my own pants.

- gomijin
virgin sacrifice

The Thing With Feathers? Probably A Cat...

This morning on the way to the office, I was stopped at the traffic sign at the three-way intersection where the church and the school are. For those of you who live in large urban areas, there were NO cattle crossing signs, no matter what kind of stories you hear.

There is a small, one story house on the corner, and in the yard were, I thought, two of the most realistic geese lawn ornaments I had ever seen. I got to watch them for a couple of minutes because about 137 cars were going through the fourth entry to the intersection and we all had to wait. Obviously, third shift had got out somewhere.

So, I’m watching the lawn geese, when one of them, not breaking his pose, starts crapping on the lawn.

I actually thought – I swear: “Wow, I didn’t know you could buy fake ones that did …oh.”

At that point, its mate came over to it, smacked it on the head with one of her (I’m assuming it was a Mrs. Canadian Snow Goose, anyway the smacking goose was a lady and the crapping goose was a male) and began telling the crapping bird off.

My Canadian Snow Goose is a bit rusty, but I believe the literal translation is: “ Jesus Hashimoto Christ, Henry! How many times have I told you not to do that just when we’ve got them convinced we’re lawn ornaments?!”

So, I guess, all in all, I’ve had a fowl day.

- everything, including the subject, is from emrinalexander.
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POC fandom entrance -neonhummingbird

(no subject)

"Stories, when left on their own, like to breed. This is why when you are packing to move you can take all of your books off of your bookshelf and put them into a box just so, but upon unpacking them they don't fit on the bookshelves anymore. They breed in dark places, which is why books must always remain in the open." --aeire, on aeire_dot_com

"Yo! Universe! I said no more emergencies. That's three more emergencies since I walked in the door 35 minutes ago. Can't you count?"

"Will you please get your job away from mine! Now I'm having customer crises! *facepalm*"

"*thwap* No! Bad job! Stop sniffing that other job's butt!"

-- wiliqueen & chiroho
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the ever-witty gruyere

potatomistress and Conan O’Brien bring news that a Queer Eye spinoff wherein the guys make over girls in in the work. I’m disappointed, because they’re going to making over straight girls. I want to see what they could do with a couple of hyperbutch dyed-in-the-flannel bulldykes.

Be sure to read the rest of the entry, which involves Broadway, Hugh Jackman, and Dick Cheney. And oh so much more.

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I'm metaquoting my brother, efg. Ayup.

I WILL be here when you get here..er...today. And I'm writing this post from your old computer!

**Feels Sneaky**

**Sneaky Sues Edward For Sexual Harassment**

From here.