April 6th, 2004

beers. steers.  and queers.
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If you sleep in, you support terrorism.

I forgot to mention why I woke up at 8:05AM for a few hours. An army recruiter at City College called me and was asking a billion questions about my schooling and job. Then she asked me if I would ever join the Army to serve my country....well since I was pissed that she woke me up....my response,"No, I hate the government." Ooooo that pissed her off. She asked, "are you from another country?" That annoyed me too so I said, "Afghanistan" and I hung up.

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from hipstomp

Yesterday we finished the demolition in eight hours. Knocked all the walls out, removed every last stud, track and screw. In the middle of the apartment was a pile of debris Donald Rumsfeld would find satisfying. I should have had Paul Wolfowitz call in a tactical strike on my apartment, perhaps they’ve got a bomb so smart it could clear out my interior walls without damaging the exterior.

ME: My interior walls are part of the Axis of Evil.

RUMSFELD: I will destroy them.

ME: But not the exterior walls or the bathroom. Like American lives, they must be preserved at all costs.

RUMSFELD: Roger that.

ME: Describe the role Special Forces could play in all of this.

RUMSFELD: They can collect on-the-ground intelligence, conduct covert ops and lay waste to the enemy.

ME: Can they lay tile?
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Nishy sent me a Care Bears lollypop ( although how you think I could eat Good Luck Bear is quite beyond me. He's my second favourite care bear ever, Wish Bear being just slightly ahead.) I think I will give it to my plushie Good Luck Bear to look after. It will be safe with him as cannibalism does not come naturally to Care Bears.

-- pinion

On Cats And Bathrooms


Mickey: Look! The woman has a cat toy! See Maui, they just want to play with us!
Maui: No! Mickey, don't follow her!
Mickey: I'm gonna get that tassle!
Maui: Mickey, no! No! NO! *follows him* Mickey don't make me come get you!
Mickey: Wait, where did she go?
Maui: Great. Now we are locked in the bathroom.
Mickey: Oh no! It's a trap!
Maui: Gee Ackbar, ya think?

-- amyaustin (full post here)

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What a choice of words...

This was my very first seder, and it was really really important to me for whatever reason. I really wanted to make sure everything was exactly right, so I became the Passover Nazi.

From scifigal.

As cometzero says, "What's next? She's going to join the Kwality Kwaanza Klan?"
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Her Cup Runneth Over?

(edited for brevity)

I tripped over my chair and poured [lemonade] directly into my keyboard. The in-house IT Guy remarked, "The direct route is always preferable. Perhaps you could investigate purchasing beverages in a "gel" form to prevent these occurences so you could "eat" your drinks ??? Or maybe go to the NASA site and see how the astronauts do it in space ???"

--- from trista

Full post is here.
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On the subject of haircuts.

You came out of the shop looking like Jennifer Aniston, you're going home looking like Gimli son of Gloin.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Never trust a hairdressers that's next door to a hat shop.

~ the ever-hilarious dazz gets ranty on the topic of haircut maintenance.
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we are all pawns in the hand of sad monk

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woap has a randomly singing bot in his IRC channel, and it's now gone insane.

[22:41:23] <@Woapalanne> !sing about Yog-Sothoth
[22:41:25] <@Bookkeeper> Oh, I guess it would be nice. If I could touch your body. I know not everybody, has got a body like you. - George Michael, Faith
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It seems like I quote everything khukuri says...

When my cats figured out to rear up on their hind legs, it was cute.

When they learned how to stagger forwards, it was adorable.

When they started to use their momentum to bodyslam visiting toddlers, it was vaguely disturbing.

Today I found them perching on the fence, staring at the neighbour's little kids like a line of small patchwork vultures.

Nothing good can come of this.

And apropos of nothing, while searching for piroqi (a small, potato-filled dumpling), Google recommended that I was, in fact, searching for Iraq (a somewhat larger, American-filled country). Well, if you say so, dear Google, but I don't think Iraq would go quite as well with cream and onions.
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Both from owata, friends locked & quoted with permission...

Daylight savings time ? Is B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T. Fuck you and your one fucking hour leap, you fucking bastard.

I should, like, get a life, shouldn't I ? Yeah. That'd be nice. *fantasises* Oh, well.