April 3rd, 2004

dream of numenor
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stultiloquentia, here on her medieval lit class. You probably need to see the rest as well...

H: So it's basically just a pissing contest. They all go off in different directions, and the grail shows up wherever it wants to, anyway, and they already know Galahad's the purest. So why bother?
I: To see who else gets to see it. Bors and Launcelot, right? So, yeah, it's basically just a pissing contest, except to see--
Me: --who's got holy water!
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Ah, friendsfriends.

"I just saw a news brief and they said an inner city restaurant called
The Blo -N-Go
was trying to get it's liquor license back. And the residents there don't want them
to. Well, with a name like Blo N Go I can only imagine why the residents are unhappy."

From cheapevilgirl. And, um, this is my first post.
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it isn't a new post, its quite old actually, but i only just found it

ingole talks about bad song lyrics.

re: Incubus's Wish You Were Here.
"The sky resembles a back-lit canopy with holes punched in it."

Is it just me, or does that smack of a 12 year old's first English essay using a simile? You know, like the old favourites "He spoke with the wisdom that can only come from experience, like a guy who went blind because he looked at a solar eclipse without one of those boxes with a pinhole in it and now goes around the country speaking at high schools about the dangers of looking at a solar eclipse without one of those boxes with a pinhole in it" or "Her eyes were like two brown circles with big black dots in the center."

i love this girl. read the whole post here.
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Science: OMGSpace!
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Sing, O Muse, the anger of Siria when none of the college printers would work, sing the abuse and destruction which rained down upon them to the sounds of 'Please dear lord please god let me finish these term papers', pain upon pain a thousand times. Sing of the malfunctioning system which cost Siria €3 to print out two papers, of the desperation which led her to deliver a mighty blow unto said printer!

Sing of the music more beautiful than the lyre, the final whirring click as lo! the printer did function. Sing of the blessed moment wherein Siria did clutch two prettily formatted essays in her hands, for so was the will of Zeus fulfilled!
-siraeve, who is not an unintentionally funny plebe.
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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]


From a comment by vadalia, on a friendlocked post on jennyrogue's journal, with premission.

Now... >I< wouldn't think you'd go to hell for reading but I may be a tiny bit biased XP After all, I don't ever remember a commandment of "Thou shalt not write of thine Lord's great eminence engaged in teh buttsex with his ex-boyfriend eternal enemy"
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Dear Ari

Today, it is glorious outside! The sun is shining, and the flowers are just starting to bloom, and it's perfect enough that you can walk outside jacketless and not be too cold, and there's a breeze blowing in off the lake, and there were little birds singing outside my window when I woke up, and i was like, "man, you fuckers, just get a little closer and I'll slam the motherfucking windowsill on your fucking heads and shut you up for good."

cranky? me?

vegetariansushi, as heard in bibliotech's journal.
As found in this post.
Vesica Woman

Calling Oliver Stone

I just read the Washington Post did a story on a poll asking people who killed Jesus, and a growing minority blame it on the Jews.

Silly people, it was proven long ago that it was a dissaffected lone gunman in the Jerusalem book depository, and there was nothing to reports that there were a group of Pilate trained marksmen on the Golgothan plain wearing Italian sandles.

This gem courtesy of roseseule

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On tPotC

So, confronted? No. Affronted, more like. Not just by the rampant, heedless, unscriptured and unnecessary violence, but by the fact that, having dragged us through this "test of faith", Gibson then felt that we had to be shown the holes in Jesus' palms in the final scene, as if we were Thomas.
Sanzo-style satori

Them crazy Kiwis...

There's a place called Grafton Bridge in this city that's one of the most popular suicide spots in the country. At least, it was.

Perhaps this is because it's located halfway between the main campus of the university in the city and the medical campus and that it's necessary to cross it to move between them. Perhaps it's because it's made of dull grey concrete and is just narrow enough to create a feeling of oppression. Or that it has an old graveyard at one end. Or that it bridges over a valley with a 100 foot drop to a motorway below. Who knows?

Anyway, it had a glass arch with open roof added to it so that people couldn't climb over. Technically you still could, but you'd need to put a ladder in the middle of traffic to be able to do it.

Thing is, within days of the modification being finished, someone had carefully painted a red rectangle with evenly spaced lettering reading, "In Emergency, Break Glass".

-- acetal
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star trek | he&#39;s a doctor not a scanner


"Yesterday i got my first look at my costume for our easter play. i'm a centurion, which is, i know, a traditionally male role. but they don't have to freaking rub it in. over my 4 other layers of clothing, i get to wear a massive plastic breastplate thingy, complete with a very muscular fake stomach, and well - nipples."

-treehugger_86, who is, btw, female.
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