March 31st, 2004


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From raphaela

There is something really, really wrong with me. I was looking at Keith Richards tonight and thinking, "He's kinda hot. Yeah. I can see that."

I--I just-- I need more zinc in my diet or something.
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strangerface brilliance.

The Bible According to Emily and Kelly: "See, Eve was naked, right, and kept flashing people. So God was all, "hey stop being a ho!" and kicked her out of paradise. Adam didn't have a camera-phone, so he had to decide if he would stay in paradise -- or look at the boobies. Paradise. Boobies. Paradise. Boobies.

Naturally, he, being a man, chose the boobies."

And the roommates saw the world and decided it was funny.

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Also, Montreal is a great place for someone who speaks enough French to start trying to hold travel-based conversations in French but may need to retreat to the comfort of English, as everybody is willing to speak French, and equally willing to give up and speak English, which may even be their first language, if you decide you are done. After all, the whole city must go through a giant flock of okay-but-not-great-French speakers every September when the new McGill and UQAM students show up. My most embarrassing moment was asking for "un veau d'erre" instead of "un verre d'eau," but thankfully I caught myself and fixed it and the waitress did not bring me an awkwardly phrased wandering calf.

- tromboneborges

Oh no, not at all

my tigging mojo is being stymied by people coming into my office every other second during my lunch break. mofos, i'm trying to write incest and borderline pedophilia, do you mind?---mcee
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As far as I can tell, 'The Simple Life' involves taking Paris Hilton and some other blonde chick with a similar money:sense ratio and sticking them in a small town and making them do Real WorkTM. And Then The Hijinks EnsueTM. I could feel myself dropping IQ points by the second. Seriously. I'm now down to -50,000, I'm regularly walking into the walls, and I laugh with game show hosts rather than at them. Curse you, Paris Hilton. Why couldn't you have stayed as one more random name in porn spam?

wheee penguin

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07:13 pm - Long. Day.
In case of stairs, use fire.
In case of fear, use flair.
(That way you look good as you pass out. Yay, firemen!)
In case of stare, use glare.
In case of smear, use care.
(Nothing ruins a lecture like ink on your face.)
In case of chocolate, use discretion.
In case of quiet, use soundtrack.
(I don't need to hear my officemates' political views.)
In case of work, use caffiene.
In case of change, use dreams.
(Now with expanded v.5.0 Reality interface. Upgraded for more flexibility).

-- butterflykiki
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Peg 2015

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Sometimes an editor will do something in regard to a piece of mine that makes me want to pick up said editor, snap its spine over my knee with a satisfying little snicker-snack noise, eviscerate it with a single swipe of a sharp-clawed paw, and toss its lifeless corpse aside as fit for nothing but carrion.

Please note that I myself have been known to be an editor, so it's not just generalized editor-hatred. It's the result of stupid decisions and stupider queries and a COMPLETELY ludicrous (given that I turned the piece in a week and a half ahead of deadline) 24-hour turn around time.

This is where I send a polite note back saying, essentially, "You'll have it Monday, because this is not my emergency."

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woodwardiocom, in a post on the new live-action Casshan: Robot Hunter movie:

When you're doing animation instead of live action, some things are much easier. If you want your hero to morph into a giant walrus, who then blows up a planet by shooting well-done steaks from its eyes, it's easier to do it as animation.
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