March 28th, 2004

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Also, while trying to terrorise _mydecember_ with Baby Sitter Club pictures (Don't ask. Please), I stumbled across some film site for the BSC movie. I grew tired of that remarkably quickly, and saw a PoA link and me being me went, "ooh! Click!" and then ran off to some other window. When I came back I was looking at the page and I still thought it was BSC movie, and I started getting a bit frightened. "Hah - the guy playing Peter was in the BSC movie?! Oh, my God - so was Michael Gambon ... All right, now I know Alan Rickman was not in the Baby Sitters Club movie -- oh, hold on. Never mind".

The mental images were classic though - and when they concerned Snape in a nighty at Kristy's super cool sleepover, I won't lie - they were terrifying.

- jiffy_spiffy
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Sinister's new look

metaquotes's mod has very talented friends :)

kielle, in a post:
Current music: make harry belefonte stop singing in my brain plz plz plz

In comments:

Daaaaylight come 'an me waaanaaa go hooooo-oooome!!!

Come Mister Tally Man, tally me banana
(Daylight come, an' me wanna go home)

it's six foot, seven foot, eight foot, BUNCH!
(Daylight come and me wan' go home)

Work all night on a drink a'rum!
(Daylight come and he wan' go home)
Stack banana till thee morning come!
(Daylight come and he wan' go home)

A beautiful bunch of ripe banana
(Daylight come and we want go home)
Hide the deadly black tarantula
(Daylight come and we want go home)

::shrimp cocktails form hands and palm the faces of kielle and everyone on the thread::

*grumpily transferred from my own journal, sigh*
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Self - Pinup

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Care of capoeira, a guy who never ceases to amuse me with really bizarre (and yet true) stories of his day-to-day life.

Who knew that tomato soup, when combined with heat, turns into a substance resembling charred concrete?

It took me ages, but Tommy, rest assured, kitchenware is looking shiny and new.
It seems that we have some grease cutting tools here that the appartment lacks.

Namely: A big chisel. You probably think I'm joking.


Well, time to cross "Buy booze while wearing fuzzy dinosaur slippers" of my list of things to do before I die. Still didn't get carded.


Picture for a moment, if you will, 2 old Asian men.

Now, these differ from the stereotypical old Asian guy by being nice and jolly. Now picture them in pure white suits.

Now picture these two jolly, white suited Asian men bringing you a bathtub full of creme, and telling you to give it to the 'creme technician'.

Welcome to my world. Voortman plant, god I love you.
the morph node

The American public counts.

Woman on phone: I have alprazolam 1mg and .25mg. Which one is stronger.

Me: (fighting down a duh) The 1mg tablets are stronger.

WOP: Oh. Okay. So if I took two of the .25's, then would that equal one?

Me: (just completely floored by this one) No. Because 4 times .25 is one. So you would need 4 of the .25's to equal 1mg.

WOP: Oh. Thanks.

I blame new math.

kellychenault, locked post.
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Thanks, I think...

Well, I'm a fanfic writer (don't hit me!), and I belong to a few communities to post them. I have gotten a few...odd...comments to some of the things I've written...

Left by amnesiac157, in a locked post (sorry):
*squeels with joy* OH MY GOD!!!! SEXY SEXY SEXY! Koga has a daughter?????? OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!

And from ketsuban, here:
Dayamn. I like this. It be all creepy-like and... murderous and... death-y. Yeh, I'm great at leaving reviews. @_@

I love my friends...
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pretty sunset

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ihsara's sense of the ridiculous is very amusing:

"Never, EVER, trust people in brightly colored windbreakers."


"Oh yeah, Satan is cute as a baby. Yes, the llama of DOOM has spawned. Apparently mom walked outside two nights ago, and -- PLOP! Baby llama. His name is Levi. I'm going to call him Satan. Then he can grow up to serve his Evil Over-Mistress, Evil; The Cat of DOOM."

"And thus it was that I dropped $16 on food today. But, I did discover a food better than sex. Tiramisu Cheesecake. One bite, and I never wanted to have another orgasm again.

...until I ran out of cheesecake."

First post. Hope it made someone chuckle.
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"...but Seina _isn't_ a eunuch, and that's the icing on the cake. I never thought I'd refer to male genitalia as cake icing, but that's the 21st Century for you."

--mike_smith, in a hilarious review of an anime I don't intend to watch (but the whole review is hysterical, go read).

long time reader - first time poster


I'm listening to the BEST SONG EVER right now.
It's from Konjiki no Gash Bell... sung by the 'popular singer' Parco Folgore:
Chichi wo Moge [Groping Breasts]

Chichi chichi oppai! boing boing! [breasts breasts boobs! boing boing!]
Moge moge moge! Chichi wo moge! [Groping, groping groping! Groping breasts!]'s insane, but you really have to hear it to appreciate its hyperness.... XD
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The crazy homeless lady in all of us...

amberite would prefer to be easy on her ankle, like using some sort of stick to lean on while walking any meaningful distance. Sadly, though, there is nothing that will work.
And walking around with a mop handle (the only thing I've got here that might suffice) will make me look like the crazy homeless lady.

Yeah, I've got a crazy homeless lady somewhere in my soul, but I prefer to wear her on the inside. Besides, it's plastic, and might break.

The mop handle, that is. Not the crazy homeless lady.

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apocalypsos in comments:

You know, I think I like this religion more than Christianity. Probably because there's considerably less guilt and more stuffed animal porn, but still.

(Just so you know, the discussion was about the merits of God/Grumpy Bear paring.)
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She's always funny

"Friday we 'entertained' for the first time in...well over a year. it seemed to go well, except for my lack of social skills - which is no surprise, considering i was raised by wolves. very shy, withdrawn wolves, who frequently question their worth in society and think they look fat in everything, even their 'skinny' jeans."

-from banshee here