March 26th, 2004


From wireworkelf

"I would like to take a moment to say that I thank my lucky stars that I do not wear pants that spontaneously combust. Think of how awful it would be if she hadn't shaved that morning! Poor dear...

Then again, maybe that's why she was trying to cover herself.

"Eeee! My p4nts! d0n't l00k! 1'/\/\ h41ry!!!!"

In response to this:

"Foxette cries out, as her pants explode, leaving her there in her tight white panties and baggy pink tank top. "Eeee! My pants!!" she blushes, covering her bare slim legs with her arms, trying to hide herself."

From over at bad_rpers_suck

Hakkai, I <3 reversibles, being polite

pornkings watches the Sailormoon live-action series

Of course you don't need to think properly while downloading from Saiyaman so I did just that and got Ep 24 (raw) of the Sailormoon live-action and what the hell! Mamo-chan, why are you so cute!!! <-- is obviously NOT thinking at all.

... I mean, yeah, maybe it's about time that I updated myself on the series. It's way, way off canon and yet... Sailormoon, so help me. Must remember that it's been like *decades* since I was ten and thought it worthy behavior to ogle really weird men wearing tuxedoes, posing on top of lamp posts and throwing dorky roses >_>

Though it seems he's upgraded to leather pants. There is a god.


They're not quite gay.


-- from here
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Two for the price of one! :D

When checking hotmail they always have little news stories off to the side. Today the headline that caught my eye was "Man accused of buggering boss' computer."
Really?! How does that work?
Then I looked again and realized that it actually said "Man accused of bugging boss' computer"
That's not nearly as interesting.
-- bookwench31

Seen this morning while getting off the bus: a sign posted on the door of the building in front of me, saying what to do about deliveries, etc. The name of the company who posted this message? Zombie, Inc., I'm not kidding.


-- casira
Kanda - Falling Petal

My first post *blush*

My beloved characters? Have been rounded up by the MIBs, brainwashed, given new histories and dumped in the fucking Witness Protection Program. The only good thing I can see about this is that it might help keep the book from absorbing the tainted waters of the Pool of Suck this movie is wallowing in.

--Quoted from olna_jenn in reference to the upcoming Ella Enchanted movie.

The entire post is good, you can find it HERE
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Someone think of the children! But, not like that.

In response to this conversation I posted in my LJ, in which WWE wrestler A-Train's back hair and the possibilites of small children becoming entangled in it are discussed. (This is probably only funny if you know who A-Train is)

your_empathy: *shudders* Bad mental picture! Bad! Yet amusing all at the same time.

whiski_sour: It's traumatic yet laughable.

your_empathy: I just keep picturing small children swinging from his piercings like they were monkey bars trying to free themselves.
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girl reporter: Lois Lane

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From pontius, here:

(Y'know, this being a writer thing is seriously scary stuff. For the past week I've been practically paralysed with fear every time I pick up a pen. Going a-drinking tomorrow, so hopefully that'll get me out of my ' Sylvia Plath' complex, and back into my 'Lord Byron' state of mind.)
(Which reminds me, my sister phoned today.)
(Does anybody even know anything about Lord Byron nowadays? Because if they don't then that last joke about my sister is pretty much going to fall flat. Although, granted, it wasn't that funny anyway.)
smoking dwiv

I shall blow the horny of Gondor! Wait.... That's not right....

lawnrrd ponders here about a famous professor and just about half the women I know....

I sometimes find myself wondering how Professor Tolkien, a gentleman scholar of the Old School in just about every sense of the term, would react upon learning of the joy with which young maidens in the flower of their purity and innocence read and write stories of the brave men of Gondor, uh, sodomizing one another.
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This morning, I had a list of five unpleasant things that needed to be either done or dealt with today, and all five have been completed and/or concluded.

In honor thereof, I shall do the Furby Dance of Triumph: Dance! Boogie! Doo doo doo! Doo doo doo! Dance! Dahn! Get dahn! Dance! Boogie! Doo doo doo! I'mmmmmmmmmmm done. -- realdaisygamgee (Locked post, quoted with permission.)

eta: posted to the right journal this time. ¬.¬
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Study Much?

ganked with permission from litswd

from a "friends only" post she writes:

"A senior came up to my checkout yesturday, looked at me in that serious old lady way and asked me if we had the new condoms made especially for seniors. Ack. So I said to her I wasn't sure as I hadn't seen them and would need to call my aisle person to make sure. I reach for my phone, and as I do, she says to me, oh, you'd know if you had them... they are the ones that come with suspenders."

Solidarity With The People Of Iran

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funniest subject line ever

maybe it's just that it's late and I'm tired, but the second I saw this in my Inbox it cracked me up...

from: CODEPINK (the activist organization)

"CODEPINK Says No to Hummers: April 22 National Day of Protest"

From bloodredrosev's LJ (posted here with her permission)