March 24th, 2004


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Quoth cabell:

Dear Asshole Neighbor Who Is Frequently Thumping So It's Kind of Hard to Tell Immediately When There's INTENT,

You may be angry about music in my bedroom at 10 o'clock at night, or at 11 o'clock in the morning.

You may not be angry at both times.


Your Neighbor Who NEVER Pounded on the Wall Even Though Your Girlfriend Is a Screamer, Although Come to Think of It, That Hasn't Been a Problem Lately--Is That Why You're Cranky?
lock up the women!

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From cdybedahl:

A mailing list I'm on two things have just been mentioned that might interest some people here. The first is an example of extremely early RPF, in the form of an inscription showing the pharao Hatshepsut and her chief advisor Senenmut going at it. Since Hatshepsut was officially a man, this should even count as slash. She ruled Egypt between 1473 BCE and 1458 BCE, which was long before even Madonna became famous.

The second is the tomb of two men married to each other. It was found in Saqqara in 1964 and is dated to the Fifth Dynasty, which would place it at about 2500 BCE. Clearly this gay marriage must have been what caused the downfall of the ancient Egyptian civilization, since it only lasted for about 2000 years after that.
antheia boomstick!

first post

I thought my first post should wait til i found something clever to quote:

jackalprey said:
For those of you who say they think out side the box, I hate to dissappoint you but you just end up in a bigger box.

Just something to think about. :-)
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ranmachan - by kannaophelia

wear orange for sapphism in chidhood classics!

There is something extremely amusing in fen protesting against all the idiots who treat Ron/Hermione like it's current canon (and I agree, that's irritating, obnoxious and just makes me hope desperately Hermione will end up asexual, queer or married to Neville, in order of preference), and then claiming that Remus/Sirius is canon.

None of this prevents me from claiming Bill/Clarissa is canon, of course. Blyton gave me the right to tell you this in a dream last night, and OMG when the seventh Malory Towers book comes out you'll all see I was right, unless the PR devils get to her immortal soul first. ~lights purple candles~

-- the ever-lovely kannaophelia explains the truth about children's literature, with the help of Enid Blyton's spirit.
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SP Dee

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To wrap up a lovely rant on customers whose sense of unjustified entitlement outstrips their IQ by many, many points:

"So go ahead and continue throwing your tantrums. Just consider that even if you get a crowd at your funeral, that crowd will consist of the people you pissed on who want their own shot. With luck, palaeontologists 20 million years in the future will find your perfectly preserved carcass still trapped in a perfect crystal of uric acid." -- sclerotic_rings in customers_suck
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I pondered taking that 'What's Your Inner Tree' quiz folks on my friendslist have been posting, until I realised I'd chopped down my Inner Tree and burnt it for a kickass bonfire several years ago.

Also: Willow makes nice laundry baskets. - alryssa
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inlaterdays has weird dreams

last night i dreamed about a labyrinth built in an old house. it was kind of cool - that's what i get for reading about spelunking in one window and browsing urban_decay in another before going to bed, i guess.

my subconscious can be annoyingly literal. one day last week when i was really tired, i worked, went to target, went home and fell into bed...and dreamed about shopping at target. >.<

me: uhm...
subconscious: i'm tired too, so i'm just going to replay what you did today.
me: slacker.
subconscious: hey, you're the one with the boring life.
me: shaddup.
subconscious: look, there you are in the peanut butter aisle! buying the brand you always buy!
me: i hate you.
subconscious: *snicker*
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Leagle (Sm)eag(ao)le!

"Cool stuff going on at work, but since I'm forbidden from discussing the vast majority of what i do by a plethora (yes, a plethora) of legal privileges, confidentiality clauses, contractual obligations and vows signed in the blood of virginal priestesses, i state now that all reference to anything work related is entirely fictional. Really. And all reference to actual people, corporate entities, governments, agents thereof and ancient pre-diluvian deities, or any of the foregoing possessing tentacles, wings (reptilian or feathered) and more than two of any of the following: eyes, arms, heads, legs, penises, gall bladders or personal pocket dimensions, to be entirely circumstantial, fictional and fabricated. Especially the part about more than two penises. Or more than one penis for that matter. Actually, I'm just not going to refer to penises at all. And if a penile reference slips in somewhere, it's fictional.

--abysstopheles on his job, which is, apparently, fictitious.

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Come to think of it, I should point out that Eomer is the little black dress of LOTRsmut. Doubt me? Think about it. Go on. ... Mmm hmm. See? I told you.

_redpanda_ makes a the very valid point that you can pair Eomer up with anyone in Middle Earth and it works! (well, except Gollum...and even then, Gollum probably wants some!)