March 23rd, 2004

Abnormal either in intensity or focus
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From angelchildr, in a Friends Only post, quoted with permission.

just checked my email, and on the side there was an ad for Yahoo Personals. It had a picture of a very blond couple smiling and doing what can only be described as "canoodling." The caption read "Generate your own heat this winter."

I would love to see this Yahoo Personals ad with the same caption, only with pictures of several disgruntled, recently-dumped people burning everything their ex ever gave them in a giant bonfire.

I think that would be a good ad.

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Seasons of Love

I always KNEW he was evil...

"You know what I just realized? If you move the 'n' in Santa to the end of the word you get Satan.

Mwaha. Now I've discovered the secret: our youth is being corrupted by the foul forces of evil, coming in the form of midgets and a fat man. I'd better watch out for assassin elves heading my way, now that I've found out their secret. Luckily, as they'll all be dressed in red and green and they're no higher than four feet, it shouldn't be too hard to pick them out. They're the one's who'll have to be wary, otherwise they might get stampeded by rabid LotR fangirls who mistake them for hobbits.

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At the risk of sounding egotistacal...

...which I'm not, trust me! *blush* I thought I'd quote myself! XD Cause every now and then something nifty pops into my head. lol

"We teach, We learn, We roleplay. Pass the cheetos" ~ Ami, in regards to 'newbies' in online and offline rping and how we are all still learning and teaching each other...

Jack: "Lisa? Is that really you?"

Lisa: "As Debbie Harry would say; 'in the flesh.' "

~Ami, from an idea for dialog for a story she may or may not eventually write. ^_~

Now, I'll stop refering to myself in the third person.

Beast facepalm

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DAD: I think that book you are reading is very, very gay.
MAYA: Why so?
DAD: Because that man on the cover and that other bloke who looks completely girly obviously have a thing going on.
MAYA: The reason that girly bloke is girly is because, in fact, if you follow me, it is a girl. You see, Father, what you have is classic 'The Boy Who Cried Gay' Syndrome.
DAD: Whaaaat?
MAYA: While you run around shrieking gay, gay, gay, all the villagers will at first throw Rainbow Pride parades for the butcher, the baker and the questionably coloured sheep. But then finally you will discover the True Gay, and all will say 'pshaw' and then you will be eaten by a wolf.
DAD: Why will I be eaten by a wolf?
MAYA: Because it could be a really hot gay man with a trained wolf? Or it might be a metaphorical wolf.

-taken from sarahtales
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First The Passion of the Christ, now Dawn of the Dead, what is it with the blockbusters about people who won't stay dead?

Although now my brain is insisting on combining those two movies into one. "Dawn of the Christ: Jesus has risen, and he wants your brain!"

Or, taking the Freddy vs Jason route, Jesus vs the Living Dead, in which our man JC battles bravely against the zombies trying to take over Jerusalem, and tragically gets infected by the zombies, and his best friend, Judas, has to kill him for the good of all. -- bubosquared.

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Ah, the joys of glue

4. Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive is designed to be mixed 1:1, that is equal amounts of Part A and Part B. Nooooo?? *coughs up sarcasm ball* Varying the ratio of the mix will not significantly affect the curing time, but may affect the strength of the final bond. DO NOT attempt to alter the cure time by altering the ratio. An accurate ratio is essential for a proper cure and full development of physical properties. Mixed in the proper ratios, Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive has a pot life of 3 to 4 minutes at normal room temperatures.
Dispense the proper proportions of resin and curing agent onto a clean plastic or metal sheet. Only use as much as you will be able to mix and apply in approximately three minutes. Stir the two ingredients together thoroughly with the mixing wand. *grins and shakes head* Mixing hear that? I have a mixing wand. To assure thorough mixing, scrape the mixing sheet as you mix. If you have adhesive left over after the application, do not dispose of the mixture until the reaction is complete and has cooled. I just figured I´d eat it. *shrugs*

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