March 20th, 2004

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A reply in the comments to a locked post of mine, talking about some fans behaviour at the BOBW con:

*uncovers ears* So, I says to Craig, I says, can I have your toenail clippings?!?!?!

*giggle* Mmmm, fandom is tops. :)

- nutbarramblings
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Timing is Everything?

"I miss eeeeeeeverything.

I leave the studio for 10 minutes to go buy a pencil sharpener from the bookstore, get back and Ferenc looks at me and says "what was that screaming?" Apparently the lifedrawing model went berserk in the lifedrawing room and started throwing things and swearing, then stormed out (after getting dressed, one hopes). Man, I don't even like it when the naked people talk to me, let alone attack me with wooden props. Scary. This isn't the first time I've missed out on some dramatic event, too: I took one look at the gyrating dancers on the Superbowl show, and flipped to Cold Case. I missed the boobie. *sigh* Everybody saw the boobie but me. So left out.

--smuu on never being in the right place at the right time to see the really dramatic stuff happening.

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If I want to spend 90 minutes being startled by loud noises and sudden movements I have friends who can indulge me for far cheaper than $9.50.

-- tongodeon, on why horror movies are so often disappointing. Re-posted with permission.
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From here:
tammaiya: Why does nobody but me like maths?
I can't understand this.

schiarire: Because math lives in a high high tower with spikes all down the sides and only lets its hair down to let the chosen few ascend. And if you are not one of the chosen then huzzah! you get to climb the spikes. Which, although admittedly handholds, are sharp and pointy and make your hands bleed. And because you are one of the chosen few, you will never know what it is like to have the common + sign become like a ninja throwing star and slice right through the part of your brain that you use to be happy with.
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from coltsbane:

History Predictions And How They Really Turned Out

Prediction: Soviet Communism will spread to the rest of the world.
Reality: All Soviet communists became ballerinas, ice skaters, ice hockey players or alcoholics and defected.

Prediction: The Soviet Union will collapse the United States by using its weapons and military force.
Reality: The Soviet Union collapsed and sold its military force on eBay.

Thus ends today's history lesson.