March 19th, 2004


I love these rules

5. Speaking of which: kids, if you're old enough to be in the store alone like grownups, you're old enough to get tossed out on your asses like them. I don't like you, I don't think you're cute, and I will stab you in the eyes with a barbeque fork if you knock over one more candy display or yell one more question into my face when I'm trying to deal with an adult, paying customer. Parents, babysitters, and suchlike: if you can't make 'em behave in public, you shouldn't take 'em out. Get a cave somewhere.

By the way, "stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about" is an excellent child-rearing tool that sees far too little use in society today.
--funwithrage in this post.
fake it till you make it

reading is fun!

Have completed 50 books this year. Go me. 50 books in 78 days. I think my eyeballs need a break. And that's not counting unfinished and/or abandoned books, nor all the textbook reading I've done. I should take my eyeballs on vacation. Let them sit poolside and, I don't know, get served little bottles of saline solution with tiny umbrellas in them. Um. Tiny umbrellas in the bottles, not in my eyeballs. Because otherwise? Not so much of an eyeball vacation.

-from uschickens
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wyldegrey in a comment in this entry here, on college students of the airhead variety:

You should hear it when they shout down professors because those people with Ph.D.'s obviously don't know what they're talking about because Bunny feels that Kant is talking about Skittles. Or possibly M&Ms.

Hey, she's obviously never heard of Nietzsche's Beyond Willy Wonka.

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We ended up having a bit of a snog and exchanging numbers. He’s been sending me raunchy e-mails all week, but what’s spoiling the attraction for me is his overuse of the exclamation mark!!!! After every sentence!!!!! It drives me insane!!!!

How Aquarian of me to let someone’s bad grammar get in the way of my erection.

the morph node

First post

Friend (upon finding out distant gf has met other lesbians): "I need a lesbian friend. I'm going to go on e-bay! And buy a lesbian!"

-- tenebrio

This enchants me. This community looks good. :)

ETA :the tag is fixed. Thanks for the help, livejamie.)
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"what's the point of fast zombies? Sure, they'd be more dangerous in reality, but if horror movies were based on real dangers, all horror movies would be about cancer."

(From a post in Reason Hit & Run (syndicated at reason_hnr), talking about the new Dawn Of The Dead.)