March 18th, 2004

I believe in fairies.

From thebratqueen in this post:

I have to say my favorite quote out of that is the dad's "My child is not old enough to understand something like that, especially when it is not in our beliefs." I realize that I'm just arguing semantics but I really want to pull him aside and tell him that gay people are more like tables than unicorns. You don't have to believe in them, they just are. When Peter Pan asked us to clap our hands so fairies could live, he wasn't talking about Carson Kressley.
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firefly - kaylee smile

American Idol meets Frankenstein

Trying to write journal entries on Frankenstein while rewatching Tuesday's American Idol episode is not a good combination.

Example: "Victor's relationship with his monster is paralleled by Jasmine Trias." Er. Wait. "Paralleled by...Seacrest Out." Dangit. Must. concentrate. "his monster is a symbol of absolutely dreadful." AHH!

My multi-tasking skills fail me again.

-- notthatlucky in a locked post, with permission.
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(no subject)

silverlucifer: Jesus is so NOT OOC! He's the Lord! Anything he does is IC! I can make him dance with Satan and he'd be IC! In fact, I think I'll start up a new rpg just for my personal Jesus. He and Judas are sekrit lovers and Jesus actually made a pact with Satan in the beginning.

I shall play the part of Peter! A humble fisherman who is actually a craps dealer at night and a transvestite on the weekends by the name of Mary.

phuries: Um, no, excuse me. You are totally, utterly mistaken. Jesus did not make a pact with Satan. He made a pact with SHIVA. It doesn't say that in the New Testament, but it's completely in character if you're following the RPG. See, what happened was that Jesus went to India since Jerusalem was outsourcing all its prophet jobs. And if you'd actually bothered to look at the posts back circa March 1999, you'd see that our Shiva player spent a lot of time cultivating that relationship. Our Judas was actually sent back in a time warp. He's this 6'5" black guy, and he was getting it on with Pontius on the side. Pontius, not Jesus. ...

Amid the wank here on deleterius
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and there is death

I hope this hasn't already been linked.

"As I attempt to fight legal discrimination in terms of marriage, my partner and I have repeatedly heard this:

“You DO have the same rights as everyone else: You have the right to marry women.”

This is true. They have a point. We DO have the right to marry women. To that end:


Until you allow gay couples, nation-wide, to marry one-another, we will start marrying your potential mates.

That’s right."

Go and read this whole post. Now.

- city_of_dis
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