March 16th, 2004

This is not a funny quote.

Getting older is an interesting thing.

I still wish on the first star I see every might sound dumb, but I do. What I wish for, though, has changed. When I was little, I would always have these really specific wishes: "Let this person like me," "Let this happen," and so on and so forth.

Now, though, when I look up and see the first star (IE, Venus), I always just whisper, "Let it all be for the best."

- baelarion

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Cricket to base, cricket to base:

Degu has been re-captured. Was living in trash can and looking stupid. Am debating renaming it Stupidass Degu. Over.

--crantz. (A degu is rat-sized pet rodent.)
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Customers Really Suck. Honest.

pandorakyss, in the customers_suck, on the myriad rocket scientists one deals with in a day's work:

Incident #585 - Gay Be Bad
Short Guy - What's this, 'Queer as Folk'?
Myself, sensing IQ points going to drop - Mm..Kind of like a gay 'Sex in the City'
Short Guy - Gay?! Like queers?!
Myself - Yes, just like us queers.
Myself - Yes. First poetry, then film, church is next on our homosexual agenda.
Short Guy - God doesn't like gays!
Myself - Wait until we get Jesus on Queer Eye For The Dead Guy.

The whole entry is well worth checking out, as it made me spray diet cola onto my monitor's screen.
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easterbunny, here:

I think that roast potatoes, when roasted to crispy succulence with chicken, oranges, and lemons, would reduce the very seraphim to wayward lustfulness.

Throw in some sea salt and cracked black pepper and there'd be a karmic revolution of naked wantonness.
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At school, we had an assembly on bullying. It wasn't so bad. I picked up a cool new phrase: Gay Ray. Oh yes. Spread the Gay Ray. You don't like all those heterosexuals at your school? Zap them with your GAY RAY and watch them transform instantaneously! Suddenly they are as straight as a rainbow colored circle!

- magicuddle
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On an anti-Tom Cruise message board:

I don't go to see a film starring a man I hate, staring at the screen, concentrating on how much I hate him, thinking only about him and how much I loath him, God I can't wait to tell everyone how much I hate him, Ha!, I was right this film sucks because he's in it, God I hate him, look at him standing there with his shirt off, what an asshole, I paid ten bucks for this, just look at his naked well-toned muscular body, what a freak, I hate him.

Most guys, like me for one, would have stared at Koyuki, and not just in her nude scene. Repressed homosexuality is alive and well and living in morons.

- dar_actually
SP Dee

The kind of comeback you always wish you'd thought of on the spot...

From a response to an entry on customers_suck about a bad, bad day (which included a customer pulling out the gawdawful "if we allow gays to marry, dogs will be next!" line):

"I'm so sorry. People are fucking stupid. Next time, just look them square in the eyes and say something like 'yeah... cause after we gave women and blacks the right to vote, we just couldn't keep those rottweilers out of the polling booths...'" -- skyesurfer
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Plead the FIF!

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...changing topics completely, what this library needs is a sign outside the door that says "Your IQ must be this high to enter," perhaps with a jaunty little cartoon character holding an arrow at the appropriate spot. And then, if you tried to step inside without meeting the requirements, the arrow would turn into a flamethrower and SET YOUR GODDAMN HAIR ON FIRE. That'd be awesome. Plus, then I'd be able to easily identify the campus idiots by their bald heads and the faint stench of kerosene wafting around them.

- phoenixchilde