March 15th, 2004

Jack ONeill by ladyireth

A Cross-Stitch in Time


last random 'x' stitched.

about freakin' time.

me: gah! this is just...gah! hundreds of random x's in multiple colors!!
mom: so are you just stitching them randomly or are you actually following the pattern?
me: following the pattern, otherwise it wouldn't be random.

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...most of the rest of the time, it's like climbing Stone Mountain. In sticky, blazing summer. Without water. Up one of the parts not shaded by trees, which is most of its parts, with the white granite reflecting the angry sunlight onto your baking body.

I'm talking about writing, of course.

-- haikujaguar
diabolical dragon

Malfunctioning Gaydar...

It's not like I can tell these things anyway. If some people are born with gaydars and some people achieve them, I'm going to have to have mine thrust upon me. It'd have to be purple and have blinky lights on and neon signs and possibly a little beeping thing to make sure I paid attention to it when it went off. And then I'd probably put it down somewhere and forget it or something.

--afrai, from a locked post with permission
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Doctor Who - A Little More Sonic

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apocalypsos talks about Bin Laden's near as damnit capture

"Wait a sec. Were they throwing hand grenades at him? 'Cause if they were close enough to fling grenades, that not only counts, that means they were within spraying-with-quick-drying-cement-like-in-a-Warner-Brothers-cartoon distance. Of course, if they could do that, by The Laws of Animated Hijinks, he could escape through a Portable Black Hole (TM) before they could catch him."

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I've reached the conclusion that from now on, I reserve my right to outrightly fall asleep during boring meetings.---phoeniks

I'm reserving that right as well. It can also be applicable to boring classes and days when I have to work.
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I love darqstar's cats

Goten darts around me, and starts applying the same "climb and bitch" tactic on the back of my legs, getting a nice clawhold on my ass and going up towards the back. I hope the landlady can get back to sleep now, cause I'm sure my screaming woke her up.

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I'm sick of ugly people comparing themselves to hot celebrities.

Yeah, people are constantly telling me that I look like Britney Spears

Yeah, maybe if Britney Spears was raped by a pack of wild dogs, face-fucked by a derranged, herpes-laden hobo, tied to the back of a pickup truck and dragged down a dirtroad on her face before contracting a rare form of acne all over her body. Then, yeah, I suppose I see a resemblance.
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flowers that last forever

Because I think everyone should know all my friends are insane =)

Further proof the insanity is spreading...

Shawn and I stopped for gas in Harrisville. He got out to pump the gas because he was going to put it on his credit card, but it was an older gas station, so no pay at the pump deal. He said I should come inside with him, and I asked why. He said I might want to get something, then closed the car door. I said that I would get something with chocolate because it would be tasty-fied. Then I yelled so he could hear, "TASTY-FIED, INDEED!"

He thought I said, "Trees are terriffic!"

So we walked to the building singing the trees are terriffic song. When we got there, there were cords of firewood stacked outside the door, for sale. I pointed to them and said, "Oh no, the trees! We're too late!"

... Heh.

~ off_tempo, locked post, quoted with permission.
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