March 13th, 2004

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Ooh! When I finish OotP, maybe I can put up that HP/Princess Bride icon I love so much. "You killed my Godfather, prepare to die". Yeah, Harry - you tried that. It didn't work, but snaps for effort. I wonder if Harry will snap and turn into some sort of psychopathic murderer in the next book? ... *g* Fingers crossed.
"No, Harry! No! Put the knife down!"
"Time to die, Ron!"
Aw, Ron. *g*

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Viggo Mortensen was on David Letterman last night. He has a son my age. How fucking disturbing is that? o.O If this was a parallell universe and Viggo was clinically insane and short-sighted and stupid (and a pedophile, but shush) and happened to marry me, I could be that tarty stepmom who's the same age as the kids. Now, wouldn't that be something.


"...nothing sells like faeces"

"Yes, that's exactly what I want to convey my feelings for the woman who bore me on the morn of her fiftieth year. A dog sculpting a cake out of his shit, then sticking a bone into it, which he then lit on fire, making it an unintentionally macabre dessert right out of the Patisserie de Sade, and grinning crazily like he just painted the fucking Sistine Chapel, right before he starts singing in front of it."

-- catvalente, here, on e-cards

Drastic Measures

Mum tried to put my back pain down to my period (as she does EVERY OTHER AILMENT EVER) and I was tempted to write... "Dear Mum, if you try to tell me my back hurts because of my period ONE MORE TIME, especially when I am NOT ON MY PERIOD, I will get pregnant to see if it fixes the issue." -- setissma