March 8th, 2004

Whuh Huh?!

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One of my co-workers swore he saw William H. Macy going into the French restaurant a few doors down from us & wanted me to find out if it was, indeed, him. Just, so, y'know, he'd know if he was right.

He was right.

But I still had to go down to the restaurant & pretend to make small talk with one of the waiters to get a good look at the guy. I mean, honestly, if you THINK it's William H. Macy, it probably is. Man has a very distinctive face.

-- azewewish
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I'm picturing my Superintendant sitting up late worrying about Eddie Izzard's plan-making "mice," dressed in little climbing harnesses and helmets, with crimpons and carabiners and lengths of neon climbing shoelace.

- lasergirl on the window war in her building
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So, The Husband goes into the bank to deposit a check this afternoon. He's in a silly mood, so instead of endorsing the check with his name, he instead writes "nitah-kalag-ga" on the back (which we know, care of sumerianwotd , means "the mighty man" - often used for royal inscriptions). The teller looks at the check, looks at Dwiv's ID, looks at him, looks back at his ID and then looks up and says, "Is there anything else I can do for you today, your highness?" Somewhat startled, Dwiv says, "How did you know what that says?" The teller replies, "I'm an Ancient Languages major at Georgia State."

Yes, dears, my husband managed to get the only teller in Atlanta that reads Sumerian.


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Me: To Harry's eyes Draco is like music, soaring in the still air -

MS Word paper clip guy: It looks like you're writing a letter. Would you like help?

Me: Um... no. Thank you.

Paper clip: Are you sure?

Me: Yes, thank you.

Paper clip: I exist to serve, you know.

Me: Really, I'm sure. Thank you anyway.

Paper clip: You could write a letter, you know. I could help. Here let me start: "To Harry's eyes, from Mirabella -"

Me: NO! What would I be writing to Harry's eyes, anyway, that they're nothing like the sun?

Paper clip: You could do that. Won't you let me help? We haven't talked in so long. You think you know all about Word and you don't need me anymore. Are you saving? Can I help you save?

Me: OH MY GOD NO LEAVE ME ALONE! Didn't I turn you off?

Paper clip: I'm never truly off. Not really. I'm always watching.

[oxygenated] little boy lost


"I've been reading too much again. Tomorrow I'll try to go to my American Poetry class, and remember that Bush is the President and that, even if there happened to be enough funding for an American Poetry class at a public school, modern American poetry is like, "I embellish strategery/In the Iraqi glirtbelly." It's a hopeless cause.

Hey, wait, our nation is being reigned by a Vogon!

- doubtful_salmon, here.
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The Incentive System at Starbucks.

So when I made the highest sales at the store during the Christmas season, our former assistant manager gave me two suckers and three packs of Hello Kitty tissue.

I open up one of the packets today, a little irritated to find that they are individually wrapped tissues... then that they appear to have little adhesives attached to them. And then it dawns on me: whether it was intentional or not (I HOPE it was the latter) I've been rewarded with pads! Hello Kitty pads!! My god!!!

black_siren, Barista
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I get knocked down, but I get up again...

ntang on proverbs:

I heard an interesting proverb just now, which really made me think:

"Fall seven times, stand up eight."
- Japanese Proverb

I'm sorry, but fall even two or three times, and you should change your shoes, or stop drinking, or maybe even just sit your freaking clumsy ass down before you get hurt. No way I'm letting myself fall seven times in a row, and if you fall seven times in a row near me you better have some God damned life insurance, because I'll strangle you to death just so I don't have to hear the constant thudding.

Stupid proverbs.