March 7th, 2004

stealth whap

Breaking up is hard to do...

"But let's face it, you need more than I have to give. You need a keeper, a conscience, a friend, a bodyguard, a shrink, a wife, a vacation, and a sex poodle. I'm just not up for it, I can barely keep track of my Daytimer. And I don't want to get in the way of your destiny. Millions of fangirls would never forgive me."

-- butterflykiki breaks up with her "super Sekrit TV boyfriend" Lex Luthor
(read all the gory details here!)
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yet another tPotC-related quote...

"Does it really have subtitles?"
"Yeah. There's a level of reality that isn't necessary for movies."
"Does anyone SPEAK aramaic? Is there anyone that could understand it?"
"Well, a lot of people do now, because they had to learn it for the movie."
"Yeah, so they know useful phrases, I'm sure. 'We're going to hang you!'"
"I was thinking more of, 'Judas, you betrayed me!'"
"No, Mary, not now."
"I've been resurrected!"
"Excuse me, your cow is on fire."
"Have you seen my messiah?"

**You'll note that my grasp of Jesus' story is somewhat less coherent than my sister's. I do know they didn't hang him. I'm not totally sure how many Marys there were. And the burning cow is a reference to a spanish class I didn't take. Please don't tell me anything about the bible. I'm going to read it someday and I don't want to have the ending spoiled.

~ starandrea
dancing indigo

Gnome is where your Mom is...

"i woke up this morning to find four new garden gnomes on my patio....

spring must be coming

i hate garden gnomes, i find them scarey, i find that stupid cartoon on nick jr that features little gnomes scarey

my mother finds that hilarious, so when the dollar store brings out the spring stuff, i get garden gnomes... and i can't get rid of them because if i do, she just buys more... i need to move.

--rachelk121 on the arrival of spring and her mom's ...peculiar little spring tradition.
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i think we're alone now


lostkun says:

Today in one corner of the world, an eggshell fell from the sky and painted colors on the sidewalk. The sidewalk came together and became the Grand Canyon, and henceforth the Cultural Revolution finally began, lining the gaping chasms and schisms with bright red banners and mountains of cotton candy. The Easter Bunny came out from his hole and considered his shadow at great length, whereupon Ebeneezer Scrooge discovered electricity and the Demilitarized Zone split the world in twain. The skies opened. Peanuts shone forth with brilliance. All was peaceful and good for the King of Kings had finally returned to Antarctica. Then came the rain.
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Something I saw in my friend's journal, and can't get over.

I don't want to live in a world where I type "johnny depp no pants" into the Google images search engine and receive no matches.

Of course, living in a world where I type in "johnny depp horse" and get a picture of him standing next to Orlando Bloom goes a tiny way to making the Universe right again.

(For those of you who are curious: "johnny depp pantsless" also returns no matches. As do "johnny depp sans pants", "johnny depp undies" and "where are johnny's trousers?".)

- deadspiders
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MH - I need more coffee for this shit

From _green_

The boy just got out of bed, walked into the kitchen, and peed all over the floor.

He's so cute when he's sleepy.

*heheh* That made me snort pop out my nose thank you very much.
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From a locked entry by "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" fan hija_paloma (quoted with permission):

Bought a DVD at FYE and for some reason, they threw three packs of gum in the bag. I looked at it and thought, "Why? Why would I want this? Why would I want bubblegum?" Then I thought, considering the way I feel about FYE, it's probably a bad idea to be channelling Sands in the store. Did not shoot anyone, even the clerks who were having a discussion about whether or not Ian McKellan would make a good Dirty Harry. No, really.