March 4th, 2004

eruthros makes me happy:

International election monitors from Pax Christi will be monitoring the Florida polls come November "in an attempt to make the democratic process transparent and free of the kind of controversy witnessed in Florida during the 2000 election." Bwah! I love it!

Note to Americans: we don't make good exporters of democracy if we're having international elections monitors come in and watch our polls.

On anti-gay-marriage laws.

Those of you who would argue from a standpoint of your religion (namely the Christians) have always seemed to have a hard time understanding that not everyone believes as you believe, and you all seem to feel that your beliefs apply to others regardless of whether they believe them or not. Newsflash: they don't. That's the beauty of this country, we are all free to believe as we want.

But the beauty of this country will be badly marred if the folks in charge see fit to ratify such a blatant confiscation of rights as this anti-gay-marriage nonsense.

Let's be honest here, people. A friend of mine said it best: "Gas prices are on the rise. The environment is
going to hell. Tuition prices soar, senior citizens can't afford their prescriptions, and soldiers are dying
in Iraq and Afghanistan, but we're worrying about taking away marriage rights for homosexuals."

From stormsigma. You should really read the entire post, here, its wonderful.

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From pro_jenny

It was all very sad because it happened when our song came on the radio and the sun was shining. He went to go hold my hand and I said, "Everything is right with the world when I hear this song." Then he crashed into the curb and blew out his tire and the seatbelt choked me.

bini yawn

The First Time Template

destina describes the typical first-time story in the Stargate SG-1 Daniel/Jack fandom:

Jack: I'm not gay.

(insert formulaic series of events designed to awaken their love for each other)

Daniel: Wow, you're hot.

Jack: (eyeing Daniel's naked body) Okay, maybe I am gay. Definitely. I definitely am.

(extended epiphanies here; insert formulaic scenario complete with groping and fumbling)

Daniel. Bed?

Jack: Bed.

Daniel: Lube?

Jack: (incoherent noises of lust)

(insert several pages of coy, unrealistic dialogue, with some wibbling on the side)

Daniel: Oooh, gimme your hot love muscle. Slide it right on into slot B.

Jack: (nails Daniel into the bed, comes screaming, and collapses) I love you, Danny.

Daniel: I don't just love you, I'm *in* love with you, Jack. What we have is precious and perfect.

*cue romantic music; insert banal dialogue as the music swells*
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misc: Peace

From the lovely panther_nesmith

Someone at work accused me of being Satan's daughter. Here's my internal rant on the subject.

Yeah, Satans' my father. You have no idea how stressful that is. I'm under extreme pressure to live in sin with a pagan, maybe have a few incubi, yano, give my mom, Lilth, a grandkid. OR grandincubis. Or grandsucuumbus, or grandwhatever. Not sure how demonic genetics are.

And not only that, but I have to live at home still. And my adopted Brother, Marilyn, plays his music all the time. Which isn't bad, sometimes. But there's an upper limit to his much of his music I can take. And the white make up all over the bathroom? I'm ready to tell the real anti-christ that he's borrowing the title.

And not only that, but my dad insists on the princess of darkness thing. It's very irritating to have to deal with the dark masses. You'd never believe how dumb some of htem are.

And then my dad blames me and my stupid foster brother for all the false worshipers. It's not my fault. It's all Marilyn's fault. Blame him.

And my mom keeps bugging me about eating children. Poeple aren't good eating until they're about sixteen. I'm a growing hellioni, I need more food than a paltry child. And babies are no fun to hunt.

In fact, you'd make good game. Not too keen on eating you, but chasing you with murderous intent would be fun.

I'll even give you a head start. Run now.

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Taken from jazzqueen's post

"Miss Pince, fanfic is going to be the death of me and this is all your fault. Everything is. When I die of fanfic I am SO going to haunt your laptop and insert dirty slashy smut into all your outgoing emails. Be warned."

I for one wouldn't mind that sort of mail...
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I've just nominated Billy Boyd for an honorary degree.

He's a graduate of RSAMD, who we're trying to establish links with; his theatre career started at the *random theatre* in *random university town*; he's rich and Glaswegian, which is what the University likes. And he's damn, er, cool. Yes. Cool.

edithmatilda's response;
I vote that in honour of his academicness we introduce a rule whereby all recipients must be awarded their degrees naked and covered in chocolate.