March 2nd, 2004

Halloween Hair

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From crevette, about creepy guys at work:

Oh yeah. He's probably working on his own three piece executive suit made of tanned human skin as we speak. Thank the Gods we have a casual dress environment. Seriously. I wince every time they tell us Bigwigs are in town and we have to dress up. You never know when he'll decide that he needs lapels and an inner pocket on that jacket.
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[C] - poutfaced


Something I've been wondering about:

Is it weird of me to believe that every LOTR fangirl that ever typed


is actually PSYCHIC?

--from jayest, here
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By valerie_z in a locked post, (qouted with permission):

We met with my mortgage broker last night, and the monthly mortgage payment is only slightly higher than our rent. Add in taxes and insurance, and it's only about $200 more than our rent.

It has been pointed out to me by certain parties that we would save $200 a month if I quit smoking. Certain parties have been told to earn $200 a night by renting out his hot, firm ass.

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Beast facepalm

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Taken from sarahtales. Really, you should read her whole journal, it's hilarious!

DAD: So, Maya, this was your last week in your Institution of Learning before spring break. And on Monday you went to see a play-
MAYA: Very educational.
DAD: And came back dead drunk at three in the morning.
MAYA: One of the lessons I learned was 'you can never just go for one drink.'
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[grimm] snow
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From locomiel's journal.

Have you ever thought of random shit such as who invented the first dildo and what a fortune they must have made? Like, I'm sitting here pondering kids at prep school comparing their trust funds such as Paris Hilton or Ally Hilfiger and so they ask.. What are you famous for? And their response being: Oh, I'm the heir to the dildo fortune.
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from elecktrik's journal

let me set up the scene:
my mother has just finished doing some sort of bizarre barnyard hoe-down wherein she slaps her hands & stomps her feet, singing "get out the way, get out the way, hooray!" over & over again.

i am attempting to get into a package of chai tea mix. i am failing.

mother takes tea. struggles to open it. rips at every angle. hands the tea back to me
mother: there are scissors in the drawer.


2 seconds later:

step-dad sees tea that i left on the counter to go make this post. it's chai.
step-dad: is this your tai chi?

Quoted from a locked post, with permission.
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What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

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Okay, this is from behindblue_eyes and disi

Disi: you should turn on cnn--the guy who played jesus got a shave and a haircut and is on paula zahn's show now
Behindblue_eyes: hmm. let me know the interesting bits. roommie's asleep
Disi: he looks funny. he looks gay. he looks like a playground kid who got beat up all the time
Behindblue_eyes: aw!
Disi: oh, i'm not watching it. i just thought it was funny
Behindblue_eyes: now that's a nice image for jesus. seriously. kinda acurate, too.
Disi: you know, that's true
Behindblue_eyes: aw. *cuddles kiddie jesus*
Disi: so unbelievably wrong.
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