March 1st, 2004

flowers that last forever

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I could have been shooting herion in the back of the class and figured out 7 things the exam would cover. "Definitions and examples discussed in class." Wow. The amount of detail is breath-taking.

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I was so nervous everytime RotK was nominated, I seriously could not watch the screen when they announced the winners and everytime they said "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" I bounced and clapped and squealed and had to go pee(don´t ask, I don´t know either). I realize, of course, that this makes me a loser. Well, eat me.
- truntles
dancing indigo

Rodent Dance Competition!

"Apparently, the mice in my house have taken it upon themselves to competewitht he mice in shiv5468's flat. Granted, the mice in shiv's flat wear clogs and go dancing on her ceiling tiles every night.

This has made my mice jealous, as even though they too would love to go clog dancing, my roof, (my nice *Steel* roof) is built at a 90degree pitch :) Slippyslidey the mice fall off the roof.

--sabrebabe with regard to rodent problems in and around her home.
Freaked, K: DW Nine & Rose


All animals pissed at us.
Especially ratties.
I'd planned to move them Saturday so I dismantled the cage and stuffed them in a cat carrier.

...we didn't get a chance to move them Saturday.

They were NOT happy about spending the night on newspaper in a cat carrier and are not speaking to me right now. Even the way they take treats from me oozes anger.

-- tviokh

Clothes still in bags and boxes. Obviously I did manage to scrounge up something to wear today. Thank god this place has a dress code of "just don't come in naked please."

-- tviokh
sunday in the sunset leaves

Well, naturally. XD

Brief summary: I come up with my fictional write-in candidate (and I'll use it, too, if none of the real people are worth voting for come November), and make an icon for it. oddsocks would support the movement by voting, but there's a pesky international border in the way and it's a bit late to try for citizenship and use the vote this year. So she says:
I will muster up international support! Spread the word! Vetinari for President!
At least he'd be able to make the place work, if nothing else.
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Operetta Computadora

or something like that:

"Computer: Hey, is this a new video card? I haven't seen one of these before.

Me: It's a Radeon. Want some drivers? There you go.

Computer: Sweet! *chomp* Reboot now plz.

Me: Okay! *reboot*

Computer: *starts Windows* Ooo! Nice.

Radeon: Hi, monitor! I'm a Radeon 9200, I have 128MB DDR onboard, and my video display dick is the size of Maine. How ya doin'?

Ancient Monitor: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I dunno about this, man. *black screen, orange light*

Radeon: HA HA PWN3D

Computer: Aw, c'mon, man!

Me: Arg. *hit reset button*

Monitor: Oh, I can't do this. This is way out of my league.

Computer: Don't be such a pussy.

Me: *hurryhurrydisplaypropertiessettings32bitcolor1024X768wheeze* Hey, monitor. Look. Same color depth and resolution you've had for the last two years. C'mon.

Monitor: ....oh! Ha ha! Right! Sorry about that! ^_^;;;

--chaobell on upgrading her computer's video card.