February 28th, 2004

Dragon Age - pavelyan ending

Suethors and Canon Rape, argh

From this post in pottersues by coocoocthulhu, regarding Mary Suethors:

*looks at ending note* Go, child, and findeth "Ye Lorde of The Ringes!". Verily, thou shalt toil for seven passings of the full moon in order to finish studying its forgotten lore. When thou thinketh thou's task is complete, you shall soon discover the Appendices Six! And thou shalt read, and thou shalt be knowledgable, and thou shalt realise that Frodo does not marry anyone, not even in Sir Peter of Jackson's magical moving tapestry! And then, realising thine own foolitry, thou shalt come back to me, and Yea, I shalt kick thee inna fork.
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From gurdonark

In this post.

I reached out to grasp the Truth, but I found that I had mis-capitalized it, and it eluded me like fog on a cool February night. I could walk in amongst it, and see it around me, but I could not touch it, and it disappeared by morning.
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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]


Wow, pottersues was just filled with quotes last night. This one comes from loonobsessedax:

'Lucius raised his tick again and hit Draco in the leg.

As soon as the tick hit the leg, it latched its teeth in and began to suck. Because the tick was a giant radioactive monster tick, within seconds, it sucked all the lifeblood out of the Draco-Stu. It then turned against his master to remove the Lucius-Stu as well. Finally, it crawled through the mirror and slowly sucked all the blood from the Hermione-Sue. Now tired and fat with Sue blood, the tick sat back and belched.

"Ah," it said, "nothing like destroying toxic Sues in the evening."'
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eijentu endures a long church service. I advise reading the whole thing, but for your amusement:

As the trusty overhead was fired up, I turned my attention to the screen. I can't truthfully say I knew what most of the pictures were, for they appeared to have been printed using an experimental machine designed in the eighties. On Gladwrap. And then pressed onto the overhead sheets. By baboons. I found myself drifting in and out, and then out some more, of consciousness, when suddenly a new sheet on the overhead caught my attention.

Salt-Of-The-Earth's voice rang across the speakers:

... we must learn to be tolerant of all people, no matter how different and strange they may be. Let us burn with the spirit of tolerance ...

And on the overhead was a picture of Ziggy Stardust.

Forget gay marriage! The Bowls Brigade never recovered from Bowie donning a feather boa at the height of the seventies! When glam was hip, and boys kept swinging, they were buttoning their cardigans higher and planning for the day when their generation would hold the highest percentage of voters.
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The wise and wonderful apocalypsos reviews The Passion of the Christ:

"So what's Jesus like?

"Oh, he's swell! First off, he does this really great party trick which is sort of a reverse got-your-nose bit ... so if someone hacks off your ear, he totally puts it right back on. And he's really nice and kind and accepting of everyone, as long as they have a good heart. That'd probably make for the really good basis for a religion, don't you know. *nods solemnly* Also, along with all of the otherworldly abilities you get when you're the Son of God and all, Jesus also constructed an earlier version of the dining room set you see given away on "The Price is Right" all the time. (But not that much earlier.)

"Ooo, and he's got a great ass."

Read the entire post here.
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From brighn

In this entry:

I want someone who can draw better than me to draw an editorial cartoon where George Bush is dressed as a little Dutch boy, the dike wall is labelled "Same Sex Marriage," and little spurts of water labelled with the various locales are popping out as he tried to block them with his fingers.

(And my apologies for the quote I put in here the other day that was not funny but profound. I somehow missed that this community was only for funny quotes, not for ANY quotes. My bad.)
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Two more.

From azurelunatic:

Given Dubya's record with the truth, and the old saying "Liar, liar, pants on fire"...

...we've got a burning Bush in office.

And from fabulist, on that Mel Gibson flick:

The atmosphere in this movie is so thick and uniform and flavorless that it caused me an uncontrollable craving for a fried bologna sandwich on white bread, with a big dollop of mayo on the side. Still, I'm pleased that the cinematographers who make all those insane propaganda films that they show at the visitor centers of LDS temples are managing to find work.
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