February 26th, 2004

Found randomly while surfing friendsfriends

For commodoresexual and the rest of our mad pirate crew: What better way to relax after a hard day of pillaging and plundering than a good round of monk riding?

(Click on it. It is so worth it.)

I love how the pirate on the left looks bored and pouty: "My monk isn't doing anything. Wah. Monk riding sucks. Why did I ever become a pirate anyway? All I ever get is the boring monks. Piracy sucks. "

Whereas the pirate on the right is all, "Hyahh! Onward, monk! onward! *whipcrack*" and the monk is all, "Uh, I'm going to crash into this other monk." *flailflail*

This must be why Capt. Sparrow impersonated a member of the Church of England. Monk riding.

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"In about an hour I'm finally going to be interviewed over the phone by a prospective employer.... I was first contacted about this job last week while I was in Evansville buying comics. To prepare for the interview I went to Evansville yesterday and bought a book on Java. I came back and learned that I'd missed another call from another company, so there's someone else I have to call back. Maybe President Bush is right about the economy. If I go out and spend money on goods and services, businesses will have more money to invest in things like, say, a new computer database to track inventory or whatever. This creates more demand in the tech sector, which encourages people to hire more computer programmers! It worked! It actually worked! You're a genius, Mister Pres--oh, screw it, I'm still voting for Kerry." -- jim_smith
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No net loss of "essentialness".

bumblepudding read an editorial (titled "Gay Marriage Devalues Women") written by the father of a young girl. His whole reply was amusing, but here's just a little bit of it:

Second, the patronizing notion that "gay marriage devalues women" conveniently ignores the prospect of union between two females. If this fellow's poor daughter is not "essential" to a marriage between two men, would she not by the same logic be *doubly* "essential" to a marriage between two women? Running the numbers, that results in no net loss in the apparently crucial category of marital "essentialness."
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my fiancee is one. I'll have to get her this shirt. It's probably accurate.

Was doing some shopping today when I came across a rack of horoscope shirts that gave descriptions of the sign in a flattering tag line. Purely out of curiosity (since horoscopes, in my mind, are as useful as penis enlargement spam - occasionally entertaining) I searched for a Scorpio shirt. After pushing my way though a pile of Geminis (witty, creative, artistic), and Taurus (loving, friendly, kind) I finally came across a Scorpio. "Stay away, moody, possessive, secretive"

>.> I now feel inspired to make my own horoscope shirt. It would read, "Scorpio: I eat babies" or maybe, "Scorpio: Wanted for sex crimes in 43 states" Mmn. Maybe in keeping with the evil secrecy of my sign, I should henceforth claim to be a Saggatarius...

-inkysweet whom I love.
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*looks out window*
*sees white car parked out on the street*
*looks at DO NOT PARK sign*
*sees car parked right in front of the sign, obviously parked rather ILLEGALLY*
*looks out again to see if person is in car*
*sees no person in car*
*looks outside again just to make sure she's not seeing things*
*sees in fact, yes, there is a car parked right in front of the sign, when said car could in fact be moved 20 feet and be parked legally*
*looks puzzled*
*goes back to cleaning*

-- sarcasticchick
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spinooti: Cannot sleep. Probably something to do with the fact that I drank half a gallon of sweet tea in an attempt to urinate away my anger.

spinooti: The more I think about it, the more I fall in love with the idea of Christopher Columbus's crew landing in Hell. (Yes, I know there are lots of folks in literature who have sailed/sallied forth into hell, but any of them accidentally? That is what's getting me.) (Also, getting to construct my own hell.) Trying to pin down the narrator dude. His voice isn't hard to find: Absolute fear liberally flavored with utter confusion. I am slightly obsessing over thier first night on shore where the majority of them die and becoming the new guardians of the dead, along with all who dared head thataways afore 'em. Mmmm, vikings and australopithecines.

annlarimer: Columbus'll still insist he's in India.

spinooti: Exactly! He is very confused the whole time. The narrator really wants to kill him.
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singe: Why is a raven like a writing desk?
mooncalf: Because you can eat them both, if you try hard enough.

crantz: The miracle of life has occurred in my closet and I now possess baby degus. Free to good home/hungry cat.
terminal_frost: Have both. Can I have one?
crantz: bastards gotta be sold in groups.
terminal_frost: One for me; one for the cat then. That should work.
crantz: nono. It's because a solitary degu will get depressed and die.
terminal_frost: I don't think they'll notice if one's eaten; I doubt they can count.