February 25th, 2004

Shy Guy

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If it's okay to outlaw gay unions in defense of the "sanctity of marriage," does that mean they'll also be outlawing divorce and stoning the adulterous?

Then again, what's the point of questioning the logic of people who are anti-abortion but pro-death-penalty?

Coming soon: bans on marriage between democrats, vegetarians, the racially impure, and people Bush "just doesn't like the look of."

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on "the passion of the christ"

"That movie FUCKING BLEW.

If I wanna watch some guy get the shit beat out of him for 127 minutes, I'll watch a wrestling match. I'll watch a Godzilla movie. I'll watch butter melt.

Save your money, spend it on paper, envelope, stamp and write a letter to Mel Gibson saying "stick to acting, 'cause your directing is the suck.""
~ grnrngr
punk shoes

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It's times like now that I really, really just want to run over to Sam's Club and buy that 16 lb tub of David's Sunflower Seeds and just sit at my desk and gnaw and chew and spit until I'm completely desiccated and withered, like an ancient Incan mummy.

--crevette, on hormones
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if i forget thee o earth

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circe_tigana, here, talking about the confusion that results from the abbreviations of Pirates of the Caribbean (PotC) and The Passion of the Christ (tPotC).

It's too much like PotC. Except with sacrilege instead of swish.

"Crucifixions? I love crucifixions! Drinks all 'round!"
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I hate water chestnuts with all the passion in my soul. And now it's time to rock out to Bohemian Rhapsody.

-- lindsalicious

Why? who knows.. I guess the sheer hatred of water chestnuts is reason enough to rock out..

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frazzles describing a dream:

Afterwards, I climbed up a mountain with Rebecca to listen to some kind of Messiah preaching to us. Only we had to go early, because we wanted good seats.

Just thought it was amusing. The messiah has festival seating, clearly....
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

AU Mel's

First post, be gentle. This was quoted from maneaterlad
Sometimes, I think of an Alternate Universe Me. This AUMe didn't get out of South Caroline then he finished high school. Maybe he didn't finish high school. Maybe this AUMe actually did take a gun into school when he got tired of being bullied by Mike O. AUMe lives in a trailer behind his mom's house and works a shit job for minimum wage, a McJob that isn't going to take him anywhere and he knows it. Maybe he gave school another try, but it didn't work out. This AUMe is the Unlucky One. I think about him sometimes when I'm not entirely pleased with the direction my own life is going. I think about him and I'm suddenly a lot more thankful for what I have and the breaks I've caught. Have you thought of your alternatives today?
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