February 24th, 2004

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I said I'd stop quoting her, but I caaaaan't

I would appreciate it if people who go to see "The Passion of the Christ" put their reviews behind lj-cuts, okay? I don't know how it ends and I'd like to keep from being spoiled. But I'm really hoping Jesus gets saved and he and Mary Magdelene live happily ever after. *fangirlish squees*

Uh, kidding. I know how it ends. Jesus has really been dead the whole movie, right?

He and Judas are really the same guy?

Soylent communion wafers are made of Jesus?

Oh, shut up.

-- apocalypsos
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shellies responding to an uproar of fangirls who were upset that Sean Astin missed a few people in his thank you speech at the SAG awards.


From here, the whole damn thread is funny.
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I think it's highly amusing how some people don't follow the "Show, not tell" form of writing. Particularly when they're writing slash.

Example: Is it really necessary for people to write like this:

"Harry Potter minced into the room. He looked around, but all the boys in the room weren't paying attention to him. With a sigh, he turned his gay little behind towards the punch bowl, where he poured himself a fruity drink, sipping it in a particularly gay manner."

--illandaria, in this post here
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And I know I haven't gotten enough sleep, because I was clicking through some news stories on Yahoo, caught the name "Sex and the City", and immediately thought, "It's an enjoyable reproductive process! And it's a large social center with very tall buildings! Together, they fight crime!"

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"Jesus didn't go to all the trouble of going around the country and healing people and replicating fish and giving talks and getting crucified just so's you could sit on your fanny and say, ooh, as long as I do and think and say what the Bible tells me to everything will be okay, so I never have to use those pesky neurons again. The purpose of your religion is not to turn you into a POTATO."

--afrai bitches about Bible-thumpers here.
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Dude, our little country has been foretold to sink back into the ocean for 200 years now. I severely doubt it will happen in three years. But if it does and it is because of Bush saying that global warming does not exist and America's disregard of Kyoto, a lot of pissed-off Dutch people will swim to the States and stuff lots of cheese and tulips up where the sun doesn't shine :P

-- doortje (from a locked post, with permission)
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I know this isn't a funny one, but...daaaaamn.

Bush is a fascist, and I say that with full understanding of what the word means.

He says he is responding to "an overwhelming consensus" of the American people that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Really? 50 whole percent is overwhelming?

Then guess what, asshole, an "overwhelming" number of Americans want to fire your ass.

And hey, since you were only elected with, what 45% of the popular vote, we could call that a "staggering" number of Americans who didn't want you to be President.

-- smolder (full rant here)

alienfox expresses disgust at intolerance.

People in this city are SO rude.

Just today, I had to walk from college to the cashpoint and I encountered three grown men (I'm talking 30 or 40 years old) who proceeded to shout "FREAK" in my face.

HELLO. I KNOW THIS. Get the fuck over it. It isn't your hair and I'm not making you wear my clothes. I'm a human being, walking from my class to get some money from my bank account. I talk on my phone, cry, shit and laugh just like you do and I do not expect to be accosted by ignorant, malnourished zombies who engage their pasty-filled mouths before their brains. I mean come on. Get a fucking grip.
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As said by bookshop:

"Congratulations, "President" Bush.

If only because of this, you have firmly secured your place as one of the worst presidents in American history.

Congratulations. That takes talent.
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I think if Livejournal only offered two Current Mood options -- "darkly amused" and "barely suppressing all-consuming rage" -- that would work for me just as well as the current system.

- cordiloquy
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Hi ^^;; This is my first time doing this so if I break any rules please tell him. This was taken from a RP (if that's okay) from this thread, as said by potion_rush. I'm cutting it just to be safe ^^;;...

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^^;; Once again, if I'm breaking any rules, please tell me...
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On Lent

Anyway, Lent. If there's one thing I'm glad to be rid of, it's Lent. I'm a lapsed Catholic in much the same way as I'm a lapsed kindergartner -- I'm a long time from the fold, but I can fake it in a pinch -- so the thought of my giving up anything is beyond ridiculous. And I say that as if I ever actually gave up anything realistic for Lent. This is what I sounded like every year in catechism class ...

Sister What's-Her-Face: And what are you giving up for Lent, Jennifer?
Me: I'm going to give up spelunking, and telekinesis, and eating lobster for breakfast, and incredible feats of dark sorcery ...

Okay, so maybe not exactly like that, but you get the idea. In that respect, think this year for Lent, I'll give up glassblowing, exchanging pen pal letters with Cthulhu, and monkeys. Yes, I shall totally give up monkeys for Lent. Good plan!

-apocalypsos, again
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Next Gen telemarketing

So today at work, they refilled the tea bags, and this time they have Earl Grey. One of the new guys, Zach, was sitting next to me, extoling the glory of a "cup of Earl Grey tea!", to which I added, "hot."
It was around 6, when almost every call is turned down because people are having dinner. This time becomes a battle of entertaining oneself.

Zach took a call. "Hi, my name is Jean-Luc. I'm not a salesperson, I'm conducting a quick research survey..."
Not to be outdone, I took a call. "Good evening, my name is Deanna. I'm not a salesperson..."
Then Zach again. "Hi, my name is Geordie."
And me. "Good evening, my name is Beverly."
Then Zach took it one step to far. "Hi, my name is Worf."
We both dissolved into giggles and had to disconnect ourselves from our current calls.

Ah, geekery.