February 23rd, 2004


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nonexistent writes:
Around 3AM, in the middle of a pouring rainstorm, some guy was standing on the median on Priest Drive between the 202 and Rio Salado, waving a "Dean for America" sign at passing cars.

The way I figure it, he either thinks he's in Michigan, or he really needs to check the accuracy of his PDA's calendar.
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About the San Francisco marriages and the nature of fear

From klwalton's journal: I'm still trying to come up with words to describe what it was like to be at the San Francisco City Hall on Friday. The air of joy that surrounded the place was palpable. Even the protesters, as hateful as they were, couldn't touch that. It was as if the people there to be married were made of Teflon, and the hatred just slid right off. Yes, I saw people arguing, and I'm sure that some were disturbed. But never, in all the years I've been an activist or a member of the news media, have I felt that this particular group of hate mongers mattered *less* than they did on Friday. And I think they felt it, too. Their frustration was also palpable. And their fear.
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Some discussion of the Crocodile Hunter in a comments thread about Australian pop music led to this...

copinggoggles: Ah now, let's not be cruel. There's something unendingly amusing about Steve Irwin's constant, overwhelming, bulldozing enthusiasm. I can never watch it without ending up in fits of laughter.

darketherdream: I can't watch it. It's too painful. I keep screaming 'put that reptile down, must you molest everything that breathes?!?!?!?!' He could get hit by a falling wombat and he'd still be thrilled to bits.

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Last night while pissing I noticed that I'd been wearing my hideous Victoria's Secret hot pink reindeer underwear with the tag still attached inside. This made me think of two things: first, while still pissing, I realized that my ass fat has apparently grown NUMB to intruders, as the tag was geographically in the region of my ass crack, and therefore I am in danger of having ass sex and not knowing it; and secondly, later, lying in bed, I imagining someone breaking in and stabbing me in the hip, and if I went to the hospital they might see the tag still attached to my panties and think I STOLE THEM!

I was really concerned.


Hide all livestock

i think the evol bitca is either fired or taking a forced long-term "sick" leave. either way, she's gone until april 4, and won't necessarily still have her job when she gets back.

sacrificing that baby lamb was totally worth it!!
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Musings on tea

The ever fabulous potterwitch in a locked post. Posted with permission.

Tea is more than just a drink. It is a way of life. The way of life which caused the British to invade India and get the Chinese addicted to opium, but a way of life nevertheless.

*assumes Buddha-like pose. Drinks tea.*
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formosa: The next person who bitches about how we Asian girls love to be objectified into sex objects for our own personal enjoyment is going to get Mr. Large Rough and Happy shoved up their rectum.
jimmy_mcforum: Yeah! And anybody who says that Irish dudes get belligerent when drink is going to get this fuckin' Harp bottle shoved up their ass!!!

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ETA: From this post in sextips

Yeah. A guy's mind does not work like this:

"Gonnagetlaidgonnagetlaidgonnagetlai-- OH NO!! RAZOR BURN!! Well, there goes THAT plan!"

-- powerrad