February 22nd, 2004

Glamour Model

eventhewaves adds his two coins into the gay marriage debate...

(2) Gay marriage: More than 3,000 same-sex couples have been married, and -- to the very best of my knowledge -- the world has wholly failed to fall apart. Society is still trucking along. Men are most emphatically not fucking donkeys, dogs, corpses, or kids in the streets. The Gates of Hell have not opened up. The Four Horsemen ridden out. The sanctities of marriage, America, and modern moral fiber is still very much intact -- er, as intact as they ever are. In short: gay people have been getting married for a week, and the world hasn't ended. So maybe now the naysayers will shut the fuck up and let it happen. Sure. And world peace will be declared tomorrow, as Israel and Palestine sign a long-lasting peace accord and the world's store of nuclear warheads are disarmed en masse.

And I'll be getting freaky with Keira Knightley and Naomi Watts on the nearest table just as soon as I'm done typing this entry up. Y'know, while we're still on the subject of wonderful, wildly implausible daydreams, and all.

I like that last bit. I wonder if he'll let me join in?
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unfortunate events

homosexual agenda?

From my utterly fabulous cimarosa in this post:

You know what? I hope there is a Homosexual Agenda. And I hope they take over the universe and colonize Mars and rip the great institution of marraige off it's foundations and bring the Holy catholic Church to it's knees and promote a blatant disregard for proper morals and make heterosex illegal and REIGN SUPREME.

Just because.

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True, true

As said by bexless:

There is very little that irritates me more than people who claim superiority because they have been a fan of something for longer than the fan with whom they are conversing.

You never see anyone going 'I was into Pirates of the Caribbean when it was just a RIDE, bitch!'
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o mighty bean
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tsiankiio on Marshmallow Peeps

"I always had to hide my stale peeps from my mother, otherwise she would see the open packages and trash them. Finally I explained the peep must breath, just like red wine. (I may have also said that un-stale peeps are the evilest of evil and eating them would bring death and fiery pink destruction upon one's house, but hey, I was always melodramatic)."

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From the fabulous thamiris on homophobic Christians:

If you think that when you die Jesus will appear at Saint Peter's side, his arms flung wide as the pearly gates, smiling at you as he says, "Yes, that's what Heaven needs! More intolerant, judgmental, selfish, hypocritical hate-preachers! Welcome!", then you'll be quite surprised, won't you, when his sandaled toe connects with your ass, sending you tumbling down to the place his dad reserved for bile-filled, bitter, twisted people like you?

I love that woman.