February 21st, 2004

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This is the coolest idea ever.
icayrus and I [city_of_dis] just called San Francisco Stems, a San Fran florist and ordered a nice wedding bouquet to be delivered to "the first gay or lesbian couple that you see without flowers, waiting in line to get a marriage license."

We asked for a note to be attached, reading:

"Thanks for your courage, blessings for your future together.

Much love from NYC,
Nick & Marc-Anthony"

I encourage all of you to do the same. Their number is 415.486.6419
Quote, well, pretty much the entire post, from city_of_dis.
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From wordsofastory
The door to the classroom was one of those handicapped doors- you know, push the button and they open by themselves?- and it had short-circuited or been possessed or possibly joined a terrorist organization, and it was opening and closing by itself nonstop. The professor, of course, decided that this was far too distracting for her to try to teach, and gave up.

Yay for evil doors!
Hairspray is b_^_^_d
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If you've ever read manga, they're liberally splattered all over by onomatopoeia. The Japanese have a word for like, every sound that could ever exist, somehow. They have gone forward INTO TIME and pulled out the sound which the bullet that kills Michael Jackson will make, and they use it! Somehow, somewhere, they use these things. It's ridiculous.

-- chamelaeon, here

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A few weeks ago, the Pope gave a resounding "Go! Go! Go!" to break dancers. This week, the Pope decided that artificial insemination ain't gonna cut it for the Catholics.

How do I decide whether the Pope is "with it" or "tragically senile to the point of no return?"

The world may never know.

Get down with your bad selves, Catholics.