February 19th, 2004

Rock and rule
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Governmental OS

cerberus states:

Democracy is a lot like Windows. It crashes every once in a while, and there are probably better systems out there, but given that they would be the governmental equivalent of OSes like Linux and Unix, they're probably too much trouble for the common person to go for, so they content themselves with something that they can just click through.

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From the Journal of lumaniac, along with this nifty graphic:

Here's a Black Hole eating a star
Profound no?
The ultimate predator.
Even the universe needs a delete button I guess.
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Fun with bad spelling

I have to admit that I love "American Idol" so I joined americanidol last season and although I enjoy reading the spoilers and gossip, the amount of spelling and grammar mistakes I read there makes my skin crawl. This one, however, made me giggle out loud:

For some reason when I look at her, I think that she should be swinging around a poll in some bar.

I will no longer be using my paid LJ account to put polls in my journal. I will use them to practice my stripping skills.
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"Why, on job application forms for places like Spar, Woolies, chip shops, shoe shops, Safeway and the like, do they put the question "why do you want to work here"? I mean, what can you say? Usually some guff along the lines of "I enjoy working with people, and work well as part of a team." It's not like you're going to tell the truth, which is more likely to be: "I need the money, and it's this or prostitution".

Stupid forms."

bitch PLEASE

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O the plight of the poor college student. I know thee well.

Comedy Central keeps airing commercials for the [Kids In The Hall] Season 1 DVDs. I don't want to see that commercial again unless it contains the lines "And for you poor college students out there named Jamie, we're just going to GIVE them to you!! IN FACT open your desk right now, they're already in there!! SURPRISE!! HAPPY THURSDAY!!"
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From stoichiometry's plans for world domination. (locked post, with permisson.)

It's time to do something with my immoral and sociopathic tendencies. After all, there's no greater waste than misused talent. Luckily, there is a plethora of careers open to people without moral qualms. Unluckily, I don't find much appeal in becoming a lawyer, businessman, or insurance agent. Telemarketing also seems to be a dying field. Besides, I was meant for grander things.

Hence, I've decided to start my own evil empire.

Plans for his lair:
Of course, the next question is where to build this evil fortress. The traditional place is the sewer, but let's not be passé. Besides, just because I'll be running a regime of sheer malevolence doesn't mean I'm going to let cleanliness fall by the wayside.

A little later:
From my headquarters, I will take over the world. Obviously, I won't reveal my plans here. Let's just say it involves hamsters, PCP, and Carrie on repeat play. And watch your coffee-makers!

Everyone has some good in them:
However, despite my long-term goal to enslave all you useless, reality-television-watching, lesser human beings, I'm also trying to affect the world positively. For instance, at some point I plan to choke Justin Timberlake with his own intestine and then frame Britney Spears.

The whole post is quite amusing, but probably too long to be posted here.
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(no subject)

silverthoughts on finally seeing one of her favorite actors in Cold Mountain:

So....um....today I went to watch Cold Mountain because it just opened today here.

Excuse me a moment.


*takes breath* *brushes hair back* Ok. Had to get that out of my system.

Fuckin' hell.

Ok. I swear. I'm calm.

Damn, the man is so hot, they should have called it hot mountain.
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