February 17th, 2004

beers. steers.  and queers.
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okay seriously, like i've done it with other chicks, but i swear to god if i see ONE MORE FREAKING RAINBOW BANNER I'M GONNA BREAK SOMEONE'S KNEECAPS.

i'm pretty sure that 99.99999% of the people *i* personally have friended will agree with me when i say that the fucking govt. should back the fuck out of ALLLL marriage issues and allow you to do whatever the fuck you want with whomever you want, assuming all parties are in agreement.

having said that, you preach to the choir. the choir is telling you to stfu.

clairedelune, friends only, with permission.

On Barbie and Ken's break-up...

And now, less than a week after the historic split, here's Out Of The Closet Ken, driving to San Francisco to become Gay Marriage Ken! That's Long Suffering Partner Ken in the passenger seat, soon to be Honest Man At Last Ken. Awwwww.

- norah, from here, where you will want to see the accompanying photo

I want to marry this woman.

Ladyjaida's guide to Bathroom Etiquette

It is often the case that, when I enter an establishment's tinkle house, there is a ludicrous mess. Because I know what I'm about, I

(a) ignore it and relieve myself. Venereal disease? What venereal disease?
(b) cry like a baby.
(c) clean it up diligently.
(d) run screaming into the night.
(e) run screaming into the night after the previous inhabitant of the bathroom stall.

The answer to this question is clearly (f) bomb the establishment in the name of God and sanitation
. --ladyjaida