February 15th, 2004

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I think they should do a remake of Space Invaders called Personal Space Invaders. Instead of shooting aliens you would have to like, ask someone to leave that's overstaying their welcome, or push someone away that's talking like 3 inches from your face. (from astounded in a locked post, posted with permission)
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so cute and yummy

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From thewriter0:

Miyavi's tour is going to include Chicago.



MIYAVI IS ALL MINE!!!!!1!!1one**

*The Writer wishes to state that she does not actually want to fuck Texas.

**"Mine" in this case can be interpreted as "not belonging to me in any way, shape, or form".
geek patrol

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My friend Anne-Marie on the now famous Ken/Barbie break-up. The whole post is fabulous, but I'm only going to put up a little snippet.

Now if mattel really wanted to catch up on the times, the could divorce the previously controversial Pregnant Midge and loving husband Alan. (Walmart, idiot that it can be, refusing to sell a single pregnant doll...looking unwed and all in sin, comeon, anyone who knows barbies knows that Midge and Alan had the best wedding in all of Barbie history. yeesh. Wedding Midge was the first doll I ever bought with my own money, then my sister proceeded to break her head off....) Then Lawyer Barbie could have a purpose, Ken could back up his buddie Alan on the bench, afterall Ken needs a career too, esp w/being cut loose from his bread and butter like this. Can be a whole drama, men against women. --danceswithbeans


When two loves collide, by spiffarific:

Tomorrow! Well...today! The best holiday that ever... holidayed! Markdown chocolate Day! Prices slashed everywhere on chocolate and candy! Slashed chocolate. Mmm, slash
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from the starved mind of davek

All in all, I can't complain though. Yesterday was valenswine's day, but no one even mentioned the fact how Al Capone lovingly presented his fellow gangsters with the gift of bullets on that day. It's like we've completely forgotten what the day is supposed to be about - Extermination and the celebration of gangsterism. But Hallmark (god damned evil corporations) has taken it over and made it into a day "of love" and I guess "happiness" and for the lucky few "of sex". And you know what? I shake my fist at all of you, especially those who got the "of sex" part.
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meh, neutral, everyday life

Patrick Farley exposes ignorance, all right...

...but contrary to the title of his LJ, it isn't his own ignorance that pfarley is exposing this time:

Christian redneck bawling on AM radio earlier this evening:

"If marriage is defined as the union of a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, then what's to stop marriage from being defined as the union of three men, five women, and a goat?"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but.... doesn't the New Testament end with a city full of people getting married to a lamb?
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No pain, no gain

As said by the ever sarcastic mcee:
worked out for an hour and a half tonight and i feel great, except for the bits of me that shouldn't be spasming unless a) i just had a ten-hour orgy, or b) i have just given birth. since either of these things have [not] happened in the last little while, i'd be much obliged if my very-much-internal girly bits quit cramping, thank you.
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Fish Bowl

From a serial Adders Comments




Yeah, what's up with that? At least the animals had a chance to run... the poor lettuce just had to sit there going "Bob got taken yesterday... Sue the day before... OH GOD, FOOTSTEPS! SAVE ME, LETTUCE GOD!"

This dramatic reenactment brought to you by ceejayoz and the letter Z.
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From a locked post by sasuran (Quoted with permission.) Sasuran got lost, very very lost, and described how she did so, maps included. The comments included the following:

eoan: Ever considered carrying a map and a GPS with you? At all times? It might help counter your mad lost-getting skills, at least a bit...

sasuran: I keep wondering if it's possible to get implants. :S

eoan: Shadowrun! GPS at the cost of your SOUL!

achpsident: Yeah, but probably just a little tiny piece, one you'd hardly miss. Of course, from there it's a slippery slope when you realize that for a little more you can get a skullgun...

eoan: Or a taser. I could so see sasuran running down people throwing recyclables into the garbage cans and tasing them with a maniacal expression on her face. Granted, I could see me doing that too.

achpsident: I'd use my cybernetic implant of righteousness to enforce those old laws on the books that no one has bothered to get rid of, like going out unescorted by a musketman, or going to the theatre within four hours of eating garlic. I'll teach *them* to bathe *their* ducks on the Sabbath, or else!