February 12th, 2004


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The other night verylisa posted a list of the things she wants from life. I tried to write something similar in my paper-journal and one of the things I put was 'I want to write something people love.' Some days I wonder just what exactly has to happen before I'll decide that want has been fulfilled. Because obviously I am both egotistical and insane, and the only way that state of affairs can turn out well is if I have a fluffy cat and a swivel chair and a menacing laugh and a plan to take over ze vorld. As of this moment, I have a swivel chair, and 25% is not a good score. But, on the up side, I have a swivel chair. Whee!)

-- sharpest_rose

From makali

First paragraph only. Go and read the whole thing! This instant!

Would you buy Microsoft House XP, its strongest and safest-ever house? The one where, every now and then you find out that while the door locks very well, the hinges have been put on the outside of the door and you can just pull the bolt out to get inside? Some companies sell fireproof hinge-covers, but that doesn't make the hinge problem go away. You call Microsoft Housing and tell them, and they admit that they've known about it for months, but were waiting for a new hinge that worked for every door, and in any case there hadn't been any reported burglaries that used that technique. Most of them came in through open windows.
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From colubra

I don't want a device that enables you to stab people in the face over the internet. I want a device that enables me (or any other internet user) to stamp 'LOSER!' on someone's forehead via the internet with ink that doesn't wash off for 1 week.


Perhaps with an email attached that says why the stamp was applied, which the stamper can choose to apply, or no.

You can read the rest here.
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Just one more...

From the infamous grifyn:

What the boy is saying is this: "I love you, and I like you a lot, but right now, I'm not programmed to be with someone I like. Right now, I'm programmed to be with someone who will chew me up, spit me out and jump up and down on me with pointy, emasculating shoes. It's an important part of what I have to go through to feel like I'm a man. Also, I hear that sort of thing makes my balls look much bigger... or maybe I'm thinking of a Brazilian bikini wax."

Go read the rest here:
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Allow people to get married who love each other. See how it works out. And my guess is it will be the biggest non-event in the history of Massachusetts.

-- Sen. Robert Havern
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Billy Boyd: I am very cute and have a very cute accent.
Dominic Monaghan: I am also very cute and also have a very cute accent!
Billy Boyd: Our love was fore-ordained.
Dominic Monaghan: Let us embark upon a series of missed opportunities and carefully paced revelations until at last we realize hot mansex is our destiny.
Billy Boyd: Do I get to make excellently researched colloquial quips?
Dominic Monaghan: Please do.


This quote and the rest of "Jaida Summarizes the RPS Fandom" can be found at this link.

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"Hey, I found some fascist propaganda! AT THE GROCERY STORE! Apparently the 3rd Reich is alive and well, and the proof is staring out of the innocent hopeful aryan eyes of the kid on the Kinder Chocolate box. Because let's face it, the whole Nazi advertizing campaign was "Join us! We have happy slightly chubby blonde boys!" Mmmm...Kinder Chocolate. "More milk, less cocoa" is their slogan here. Which, of course, is basically "More pureblooded Germans, less poisonous interbreeding with the unclean." I don't care if it's fascist! It's yummy!"

- tzarohell
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I close with a question for Evelyn Reilly of the Massachusetts Family Institute, to be answered logically and thoughtfully, with no assistance from her cronies Mindless Rhetoric or Blind Ignorance:

Even if homosexuality
is a choice, what exactly makes it the wrong one?

- mayatawi
digging for a winner

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A post where steerpikesister declares her love for Grima Wormtongue.

"Look at this and tell me he's not hot! ...I dont understand why she's not shagging him on that bed, even if it is Theodreds deathbed!
Grima forever!...betcha he's not called Wormtongue for nothing!

The comments are worth a look-over too as people explain why he's "sexy."
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cain's ballroom

Trollprincess rules!

I mean, maybe it's just the fact that I just spent the first twenty-five years on my life in Scranton, which on the list of cities terrorists would think to bomb only beats Peoria, Topeka, and maybe Albuquerque, but only because people who make wrong turns there end up in weird places, which makes it an interdimensional rift and therefore means it must be destroyed.

apocalypsos in this funny, funny post about DC's evacuation readiness and such.