February 9th, 2004

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If you want professional editing standards, pay me.

Actually I agree, although at the same time I realize some people can't HELP but see the typos/grammer mistakes/errors. I'm glad I'm not one of them*, I think I enjoy LJ more.

*which is obvious sinse I can't spel to save my lif.
~witchway here
[oxygenated] little boy lost

Too true.

"I'm good now, though, and it's really hard to feel depressed when you're listening to the polka version of Ray of Light."

- courtesy of dear afrai, here
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we are all pawns in the hand of sad monk

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shadesfox has a obvious future in the military:

You know, walking though the woods around here I had a revelation. It came after the 15th squirrel threw a nut at me.

"Hey", I thought, "What if instead of nuts, these were hand grenades?"

(And the rest is just silly.)
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Do you think people will demand spoiler-cuts for The Passion of the Christ?


And other people (read: me) will be all 'Well the book's been published since the printing press was invented, if you haven't read it by now then you DESERVE to be spoiled!'

And then there will be petitions for 'spoiler-free icons' and flame wars will divide the fandom Christianity the fandom and the LotR people won't have to feel alone any more!

and there will be slash. lots of it. sorry, jesus, it's what happens when you hang around with twelve hot guys all the time.


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trianne made a list of why her trip to LA in 2 weeks might not happen.

12. My flight will not be hijacked but the pilot will have just broken up with his boyfriend (this is a slash journal, remember?), Vince, and be so upset he will fly us round and round in circles, relating the story and flashing up pics of their pet iguanas instead of the in-flight movie, while the fuel gradually runs out and all the passengers rediscover a love of God and brown underwear.

The entry is friends-locked but the quote is posted with permission.
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erlking fantasises about being really, really rude to a bunch of music industry execs:

If I ever, ever won a grammy, I would use the speech to absolutely blast the music industry, how it is constructed, how it operates.

"Fuck you, corporate music industry, for putting music in a cage and tarting it up like a cheap whore. Fuck you for stifling creativity and trying to force artists to follow the latest inane trend that your focus groups have described as 'hot.' Fuck you for force-feeding the populace bland, tasteless music through your stranglehold on radio and television. Fuck you for telling female artists to lose weight and show some cleavage in their next video. Fuck you for exploiting artists with insanely one-sided contracts, so that some are always broke despite the platinum albums that pay for your mansions and your cocaine habits. Fuck you for keeping the price of music artificially inflated solely for your own gain.

I wonder if I'd have the balls to say that on network TV?