February 8th, 2004

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From xayim:

Rand Al'thor's Dear Abby Letter:

Dear Abby,
I have serious problems. First of all, there is a madman in my head. Lews Therin. He is always raging and mumbling and thumbing his earlobe and trying to seize saidin. I think I'm going mad, but I can't get him to go away. I think he's starting to rub off on me.
Also, I have a very important engagement coming up. The last battle. I have to be HARD!!!! Well, harder than I am now, anyway, which is, oh, only about rock hard. I need to be iron hard. Recently I've taken to running through the very long list of women I've killed in my head.
Another thing: I'm in love with three women. I can't keep any of them near me because then they will die, but I love them. One-er-let's call her Avi, wants me to marry all three of them, and another - um, - Ely, seems to agree. But I couldn't do that!!! Marry THREE women? I'm not sure what the third one, um, minnie, wants, but I can't seem to keep her away from me where she will be safe. What should I do?

The rest can be found here, but you might only get it if you read Robert Jordan.
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In honor of rollick's doom thread that's currently making the meme rounds, I'd like to ask you all a question.

"Who on Livejournal should I read?" No. Been done.
"Who on Livejournal should I avoid?" No. Bah, that's so last week.

No, this is much more important:

Who on Livejournal needs more vitamin B12 in their diet?

Anonymous comments are enabled. Let the flamewars begin.

The comments he got are here.
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From Greekhoop on felines

I think maybe my cat is a contestant some cat game show, and if he manages to scare the crap out of me he wins the big jackpot.

He's learned to open my closet door, and he likes crawl in there and close it again behind himself. Sure, it sounds cute to you, but he does this in the middle of the night. The closet being slid open from within is not the sort of thing I want to wake up to in the dark, at 2 in the morning.

Last night must have been some sudden death round. I hope he won. He deserves it. I'd left the remote for the TV on the floor before bed, and in the middle of the night he walked over and stepped on it. So I opened my eyes to the TV playing the test pattern from The Ring.

My heart and my stomach and I think my left kidney all tried to evacuate through my mouth at that point. Hell, I'd probably still be there if my cat hadn't walked over the remote again on his way back into the room. I think it's good to know that if there's ever a real threat to my life at any point, I'm going to be quite paralyzed with fear.

I notice my cat is missing at the moment. He probably went to pick up his prize.

-greekhoop, over here.
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I remember back in September one woman insisted I get her a box to put the shopping in; and I told her that we crush up all the boxes and recycle them. She insisted I go anyway, and I refused, saying that all boxes were compacted into a big cube. She said I was the worst, rudest most obnoxious checkout operator she had ever been served by. I felt great. Out of ALL the people who had been served and received abuse from her, I was the MOST obnoxious and rude. And I'm only part-time. It's fantastic to know you made an impression. --deadeyedave
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Hitler Schmitler.

I don't like what I've heard about Kerry so far, but I'll still vote for him if necessary. As Neil put it yesterday, "The only way I would vote for Bush would be if they were running Hitler against him. If it's anyone else, I'm voting against Bush." I said I'd still vote for Hitler -- after all, the guy's dead, how much harm can he do? -- jkb, here.
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"Between all the misogyny, treason, racism, sexual violence, and vicious baby-eating, it's a wonder where Justin Timberlake gets time to do anything else." -- gigantic with no explanation offered, although I suspect it may have something to do with an RPG. *is clueless*


I am morally offendend and outraged. After tonights performance by OutKast on the Grammy Awards I am having to answer my little brothers questions that the preformance caused him to think of. How am I supposed to explain male nipples to his fagile young mind?

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