February 7th, 2004

No Dick today

This is from the comments in my own journal. For reference, my mailman's name is Dick.

evilhf: I hope Dick brings you something today. :D I'd love Dick then.

whiski_sour: I'd love Dick if he brought me something today, too. But, alas, no Dick today.

evilhf: I thought for sure you'd get Dick today.

What happened to that mailman's addage "through wind, or sleet, or hail"? Does this not apply to Dick?

whiski_sour: Evidently, there are different rules for Dick.
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A different culture's view on things...

hardartist, an American who has been living in Japan for many years, made this comment:

"And I live in a place that shares the fascination [sex]. Nudity is commonplace in manga and anime, even those aimed at kids. In December, when it's calendar buying time, the latest nude calendars are proudly hung from the walls of bookstores. Porn is read openly on trains and in raamen shops, the sex trade is alive and well, and love hotels are available everywhere should you feel the need to have sex with someone you're with for a couple of hours."

And yet we cry, beat our chests, and sue each other when a breast is glimpsed during a show filled with violence, dancers bumping and grinding against each other, and ads which hammer us over the head with the message that you need beer to have fun.
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(no subject)

The next time I see someone get all uppity and offended because of an off word describing his/her favorite candidate, I will likely hire out to someone else on LJ to come in here and start writing Kerry/Edwards/Kucinich a-humpahumpa wall-to-wall slash fiction.

In ljdemocrats here, by mfree...
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ncis - tony/ziva - right there

(no subject)

After __bettyann posted language spam in this entry in the (adult) community vintage_sex, there was a number of amusing replies to her gibberish:

luxobscura: Yikes! It's shorthand Gaelic! Run for it!

And a little further down...

swirlgrrl: It pisses me off too, but it is a dialect of english/"geek" called leet or 1337. retarded hackers/h4x0rs do it.
alioth: This isn't 1337. 1337 involves the replacement of letters with numbers, not the systematic murder of the english language. This is what we call AOLer.
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c is for cat

Fun with Bush/Potter Fic

lechevaliervert and I penned this little satire together--so it's technically a half-mine quote. But still. Closest he and I will ever get to fan-fic. See the entire story here: Harry Potter and the Doctrine of Pre-Emptive Strike

"Harry, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw will never agree to this! They've been our allies since that disastrous incident with the bludger and the gimp mask in the lowerclassmen's dorm last year!"
sunday in the sunset leaves

This sounds like the coolest essay ever.

The essay I'd really like to write would rattle along on tangents. But I feel somehow that "Romanticism was what happened when Art got around to having the hissy fit it'd always wanted" is not an acceptable thesis. Also it does not have three prongs. Unless they are things Romanticism was being angry at such as Everything, A Synonym For Everything, and Your Mom.

Or it could be kind of like Collapse )
--schiarire, on an essay project.
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dancing indigo

A subject near and dear to my heart.

"Let me get this straight: Halle Berry is starring in a movie called Catwoman in which she has an outfit that is nothing like Catwoman's, has no link to Batman, does not exist in the Batman universe and is, in the end, not Catwoman (Selina Kyle). Well, geeze, why don't they just call the movie Leather Fetish Woman and just be done with it? "

--smuu on the new Catwoman movie which has no resemblance whatsoever to the comic book character despite it being a DC/Time Warner production
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