February 5th, 2004

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On the subject of pretentious New Age music:

"This makes me wonder. What would happen if some of the insipid, popular 'hardcore' bands (or even the authentic, original ones) started doing numbers about emptiness, non-attatchment, abandonment of earthly desires, pursuit of the 'Great Vehicle' to enlightenment, and extinction of the self.

That is, heavy baselines with '(all these fucking laws...) KILL BUDDHA! KILL BUDDHA! KILL BUDDHA! KILL BUDDHA!'"

- nullonehalf, here

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From mrmustard:

Given that the ancients were just as smart as we are, do you ever wonder what they thought about? They didn't have sports or reality television. They didn't have books, or comic books, or pornographic comic books, or pornographic comic books with furries.
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From kueble's journal, a conversation she and I had:

Kueble: We got free condoms in our mailboxes from planned parenthood. My first thought was to save it in case I ever have sex. Then I laughed at myself. My second thought was to blow it up like a balloon. It's honeydew flavoured. Fucking honeydew. My roommate got raspberry. No one wants me to have sex, let alone good flavoured sex.
Kueble: I have it here though. It's on my desk, in case.
Brood: Sweet.
Kueble: But HONEYDEW!
Brood: Honeydew is sweet...
Kueble: It's an old people condom. Like it should be served with a side of grapefruit dental dam.
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Mail run today netted a significant number of spam, all credit card applications. I got one, the Roommate got two, the Roommate's girlfriend (o_O) got one, and the guy who lives a couple of floors below us but visits us regularly got one. Next, I'm expecting my Tokyo Mew Mew plushie to get one.

Bank clerk: How may I help you, er...sir?
Me: Mint-chan wants her credit card.
BC: Um, yes. Do you have the application form ready?
Me: Thing is, Mint-chan can't hold a pen very well, so I have to fill in the form for Mint-chan. Also, it's my signature, because Mint-chan doesn't have one. And even though the application is filled by me, it's really for Mint-chan, because Mint-chan wants her credit card.
BC: Now, sir, we really--
Me: Mint-chan wants her credit card!!
BC: Security? Hello, security?

-- dkellis
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[Infection] isn't an episode of B5 at all, it's an episode of ST:TNG that got lost and wandered into this show by mistake. (Hell, there's even an appearance by someone's old archeology professor.) The failure here is primarily a failure of tone, not to mention a failure to have Patrick Stewart.

-- andrastewhite
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Regarding a cat adopted from the pound...

The kitty is great. She spent the night in my room, curled up on top of me, after she rearranged the blankets to her liking. She is a firecracker. Very playful. And she is as sweet as they come. Her name is Vegas. In the words of Shellie, she is yellow and red and orange and black and white and all bright, just like Vegas. She purred so hard this morning while I was getting ready for work, she started wheezing through her nose. And of course, fell off the bed because she was rolling around so much. Appearently my new love affair is reciprocated.

Shasta is in fact PISSED OFF! Lots of hissing and howling occured last night. Vegas just looked at her and flopped over on her side as if to say "Look bitch, I have done hard time in the pen, I had chicks like you for breakfast."

nattycat, friends post, with permission.
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let it snow, let it snow, let it *BLAM*

"I would very much like to write an entry that doesn't consist entirely of OMG snow death doom wrist slitty angst angst angst, but cannot. I mean that quite literally. I wrote one yesterday, and as I was about to click on 'Update Journal,' the electricity to our building was momentarily cut due to a massive accumulation of bird shit on a power cable."

--annlarimer on the weather, how much she hates it, and how bizarre things are in her neck of the woods.
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Runway commentary

Okay, so they took a perfectly functional pinstripe suit, one size too small for the model. Wedged him into the pants and roughed him up for wrinkles. Decided that wasn't enough and tore the sleeves off the jacket. While they were doing that, they tossed him a striped buttondown and a black long-sleeve stolen from some punk kid who'd home-sewn on a buckshot bird inside a highway sign. Told him to scramble into all of it while these fashionistas ran rampant through the streets, knocking over a poor steelworker for his plaid shirt and the kilt guy for his sporran belt and brought everything back. They beat up a golfer on their return to the studio and then threw the model onto the catwalk, wearing it all.

--nematoddity, here (with a picture, which really makes the whole thing so much better)
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