February 1st, 2004

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In a comment about Georgia teaching Darwinist Theory but kicking the word "evolution" out of the classroom, ell3ven writes...

I would like to sit in on the next meeting they have about this matter, wearing any shirt from here, with my midget on a leash, (gagged and handcuffed of course), holding hands with a black man, while open mouth kissing a woman, openly breastfeeding and interracial baby, handing a bottle filled with Jack Daniels to my toddler who is bare-foot with a dirty face and a one helluva stinky diaper.....and before I leave squatting on the stage and taking a big shit right on the floor, and of course wearing my rebel flag bandana on my head, cross around my neck, and a cigarette hanging out of my mouth. (but that goes without saying, right?) I think the dumb fucks who have master-minded this idea of complete boredom and a shot at their fifteen minutes of fame, need to see what a small taste of offensive really looks like.

To which oneeyedfreak replied:
Georgia banning evolution is like Iowa banning beachfront development.

Pointless. C'mon, it's the south! Evolution doesn't come here very often. When it does, it's simply passing through.
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'Well...I was the only member of SBA to go to yesterday's free showing of Star Trek: First Contact at the historic Joyo Theater in Havelock. It was sponsored by a group of Star Trek fans here in Lincoln that call themselves BORG. All well and good, I suppose. I just didn't realize that they were a bunch of Star Trek fans who all attend the same church here in town, whose acronym actually stands for "Believers Of a Righteous God".'

--cannellfan is not making this up.
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From animarelic:

Dear Janet Jackson:

Thank you for giving your breast performance.

Best! BEST performance.


P.S. Justin Timberlake is totally gay.

P.P.S. Thank you for being a Jackson that doesn't sleep with minors.
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Here is an actual AIM conversation I had just minutes ago.

FlameMaxwell: Do you think doing a vampire is necrophelia?
tyamat4433: that made no sence
tyamat4433: necrophelia is that blood problem
tyamat4433: i had a friend who had that
tyamat4433: dotn knwo where he is anymore
tyamat4433: sorry you want me to explain as much as i can about what the hell i am talking about?
FlameMaxwell: *eyebrow* Ummm... no, it isn't a blood problem. Blood prefix is Hema. Like hematoma? Necro prefix is dead. It means you fuck dead people.
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"If you feel compelled to leave these cities, please do so in an orderly fashion." Which, of course, means hopping around New York City like a Tigger on crack. See, you think I'm joking, but I swear I saw someone bouncing down the street while flailing their arms around.

- apocalypsos
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ladybretagne's Horatio Hornblower precious fandom rant

Once upon a time, there was a happy little fandom. This fandom was called Horatio Hornblower, and in it many a happy day was passed with fangirls of the dear sailorboys. There was squee, there was slash, there was more squee and more slash, and lo it was peaceful. Then, from out of the darkness, descended the evils of the C.S. Forester estate.

"Hark!", they cried out from the heavens as the fangirls cowered in fear. "Thy evil leaders at A&E hast defiled our story with their evil canon raping ways! And lo, for their crimes, you shall pay the penance!" And thus was The Squishy struck down, in a fine blaze of angst and wibbling. And then, yay verily there was strife within the fandom, for there were to be more movies, and there was to be none of the Archie, and there was to be much more of the Canon!Asshole!Horatio, which is mightily a fangirl's worst enemy as it is bitter and angry and unlikely to shag subordinate officers, not to mention coming with an annoying wife who gives him Dork!Mittens (as if the Dork!Hat wasn't enough? I mean really!).

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